The Koenraad Kronicles! Why Mom is my Best Friend!

Hi Friends!

Are you ready for the celebration! Fourth of July is here! There is much to celebrate and be grateful for. What I am most thankful for is my Mom and I want to tell you why.

We have made many big changes this year and the biggest change is making our new life here in Florida. This was a big move too.

Our Walder’s Way division is a learning experience, fun, more learning, more fun and sunshine! I can’t forget the sunshine. My Mom, Madison is our rock and she makes sure we are happy. To have a friend that goes above and beyond to keep us moving forward and happy at the same time is no small effort.

She gives us time to explore new things in our training.

And when we do a good job, she rewards us with hugs and love!

She lets us be us even if that means It’s Smarty Time wants a crazy eye fly mask!!! Did you ever???

She lets us give her hugs when we want a selfie!

She surprises our best bud Brandon with a new western saddle so he can hit the trails in style!

Oh boy they are looking really good too!

She knows how to make us look our best in shows and competition. She is the best trainer, and a Grand Prix level rider too!

She gives us great confidence in our abilities when we are just learning. That’s so special.

And the hugs keep coming. Thanks Mom!

More please Mom!

She helps us with our treats too!

She transforms us to being beautiful in our paddock….

To competition worthy….

She puts flowers in our manes.

She never forgets the family back home in Pennsylvania.

She thinks I am cute and takes a picture when she thinks I am not looking too. That happens a lot! WHOA!

She even makes time to help ponies learn new things too.

She takes pictures of Brandon with his best bud, It’s Smarty Time. My pal Smarty is a little spoiled I think!

She takes great care of me, really great care.

My Mom, Madison is a strong young woman. She’s made big changes so that we can have many new fabulous opportunities. She’s faced tremendous loss when our dear friend Bonita went to the big sky and that was tough. She studies hard, she works hard and she takes great care of everyone here. My list is long as to why Mom is my best friend, and our best friend.

She understands us so well, better than we know ourselves I think.

The best part is that she lets us be us, and that’s says something too. She loves us for who we are with all our good things and even when we are a little bit naughty!

In our estimation, that’s a friend, a very best friend.

Thank you Mom, you truly are the best friend a horse could have.

Be good and this Fourth of July, enjoy your best friends. They are gift!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad, Madison and Brandon

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Kristy Pollock, Crystal Tyner

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The Koenraad Kronicles! Birthdays, Belmont Stakes and our Champions!

61871416_2800560119960719_7837860211875381248_o (2)

Hi Friends!!

Hello to all my dear friends from sunny Florida! As you can see I am relishing the sunshine while I eat my hay. Oh what a glorious day it is and what a fantastic week too!!

We got off to a great start this week by celebrating Mom’s birthday and Robin’s too! Both on the same day! How amazing is that!! Woo Hoo and we love them both so much! Happy birthday to the special ladies in my life! All my barn pals say Whoo Hoo and good for you too!

Junior most especially sending his kisses! He had cupcakes and treats with Robin and the barn pals and peeps he said. Whoa, save some of that cake for me Junior!


The Little People celebrated with some UNICORN cake!! Now that’s special!


Nothing makes me happier than working with Mom doing our thing! Looking forward to another great year ahead. Jumping, jumping, dressaging, teasing It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild about their fly masks!! Endless list of fun times ahead!


So we’ve been thinking about the Belmont today. A horse who was considered a long shot took the win at Belmont yesterday. Sir Winston. He was named after the prolific leader, Sir Winston Churchill. Mom told me all about the history of this great leader and the tough times he dealt with. Sir Winston had a brilliant rider who guided him to a win by saving ground and keeping his tank full and ready to engage. Being smart about things and saving resources is a good strategy and it paid handsomely. Great job by this team and congratulations to all the connections. We were all on the edge of our stalls and how exciting! I think that even Sir Winston Churchill would be proud.

Speaking of champions, winning and working hard…

My pals and friends at our Mount Joy barn have been having a splendid time getting ready to usher in the great summertime!

First though, the Spring brought some angry skies, storms and mud!


The mud made things difficult and created extra work too…


But everyone worked to get through it and we’re hoping for clear happy skies and not so much rain!

The Peeps cleaned and organized the tack room. Junior said that it’s easy to spot the treats too. Not too many hiding places!! WHOA! No fooling that Junior!

56405415_2336918623296784_6624336194735964160_n (2)

Junior is not the only one for keeping and eye on the treats!! Quinn watches closely too!


But when they’re not watching for treats, they’re working with the peeps and doing all kinds of fun stuff. They even get a doggie visitor!!


That pooch loved to make the rounds!


Plenty of hugs, kisses and selfies going on too!

I love that the peeps work hard and they get out on the trail too. It’s important to have that balance in life!

Molly the Jolly Unicorn gets out with her person too.

Reve met the new guy on the block. They’re becoming great friends!!


Just so much going on!

Dad been working hard too. He knows that good preparation is essential to success! He’s an excellent teacher for us all to follow. Sometimes though he is a fast mover and it’s hard to catch up to him…

If you don’t succeed, try try again. If nothing works, time to go fishin!


Plan well, work hard, do your best and taking it from the Little people – make time for pizza!


Love YA!

Koenraad, Madison and Brandon!

photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Sabrina, Kristy Pollock, Brandon, Ryan, Aileen Stevens, Maddie Landis, and Crystal Tyner









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The Koenraad Kronicles!! Catching up on the News! Happy Memorial Day too!

Hey Friends!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you are all doing real swell! Hey! My BFF Molly The Jolly Unicorn has been in touch with us here in Florida and she’s been telling me how busy things are in Mount Joy! Whoa!!! We have been taking it easy during the day here, just enjoying life and keeping cool in the heat of the day. It’s Smarty Time was flashing his pearly whites before he went on his evening trail ride. He heard about all the DENTAL WORK going on and he wants his Duncan Dentist lady to come visit him to take care of his teeth too. He’s all set he said!

But anyway, back to the news from our beautiful Unicorn!

She tells me that the horse dentist is really something. She came to the barn with her trusty assistant and they had all kinds of cool tech stuff. But the best part was that they both love horses and have so much patience. They were at the barn for most of the day and everyone did really goodly!

Tink, Sekaya, Lainey, Quinn, Sammy, Heartly, Oden, Carlton and Lucky are good to go for another year!

Quinn needed a little pep talk with Zena, but he got through it too!

Duncan Equine Dental Services are THE BEST around. Katelyn is certified too and she goes to conferences all around the country to make sure she is up to date on all the latest and greatest in dental stuff for equines. Wonderful lady equine dentist and she is super professional. She won us over and that’s saying something as horses generally speaking are not overly fond of this type of thing!

Way to go and THANK YOU Katelyn and Rebecca!! Best part is she loves mini ponies. They are kinda hard to do and their mouths are small. This bodes well because in the future our mini donkeys will need their dentals done too! She knows how to handle the minis and just the right touch!

Lainey was making friends this week too I hear. She has a new best friend in Aubrey! Aubrey just started lessons and Lainey was Aubrey’s very first lesson horse!! Talk about Pretty in Pink – they got it going on!

Welcome to the barn Aubrey and good luck with your lessons!

And yet with all the lessons, dental visit and Dixie coming home….

Yuppppp!! Molly the Jolly Unicorn told me that Peaches was just beside herself to have her best buddy home again. Dixie made it through her surgery. She had the best care at Unionville Equine hospital for a tough impaction. That’s all behind us now and we look forward to a steady recovery. It will take some time, but we’ll get there!

Busy Busy Busy!

They made it to Swan Lake Stables for a Local summer show. It was a beautiful day. While we did not take home a ribbon, we learned a lot and it was good to see where we were so we know how to progress going forward. Kristy and Junior along with Kristen and Sarge did their best and we are all very proud of them. Jumping a grid is not an easy thing to do and we commend them for their effort. Someday I’ll be in their shoes so I hope to do well. It’s not easy, it takes practice but it’s so much easier when you know you tried your best and you come home to your friends. Support is important!! A fun day and a learning day too! I try to learn something new every day. Mostly how to get more carrots from Mom and Brandon! They are pretty smart cookies though!

Junior said his friend Ryan gave him a pep talk after the show too. Support from friends goes a long way.

Especially when you’re wearing Argyle socks!

Dad and the gang no sooner got home to the barn from the horse show when they were all off and running to the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade!!! Oh my goodness! Our hearts here in Florida just bursting with pride! Our barn team making a big presence in the parade! What a beautiful parade team they were too! Mom missed being there but we were all there in spirit.

And of course the Unicorn looked her absolute best with her Mom, Tess Flores! And it just does not get any better than that!

Kristy and Junior WOWED the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal and Reve made us so happy, actually brought a tear to my eye to see them. Reve looked beautiful with his Mom!

A kiss for luck!

Our Walder’s Way Team- totally knocks it out of the park!

Remember always have fun!

Follow your dreams!

And always remember to smell the roses along the way!

Happy Memorial Day with Mount Joy Pride! Go for the gusto!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all!
Koenraad, Madison and Brandon!

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Crystal Tyner, Kristy Pollock and Susan

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The Koenraad Kronicles!! Welcome Home Dixie!

Dear Friends!

Whoa! She’s back! We sure missed her too. Me most especially as I am in Florida and have not seen her in a few months! Oh boy it’s good to see my friend Dixie.

She was reunited with her good buddy Peaches too. Peaches was so excited and well, just beside herself! She could not contain her excitement as she squealed in delight!

Nothing better than seeing a bonded pair back together again.

It’s been a long week, but we made it and now the next part of Dixie’s journey begins. Her surgery to remove a very stubborn impaction was a great success and now we have to focus on maintaining a good atmosphere for healing. Not only getting the right diet and careful exercise and ever so gradually, but also state of mind. Dixie will enjoy the stimulation of being near her familiar faces and voices and her stall. She’ll be bonding with Peaches and feel more comfortable in the healing process. It’s well rounded regimen and all these things are important.

So if you’re in the area stop in to say hello and give her the high hoof salute!! That will mean a lot of us and even more to her!

Dixie loves Dad too, that is a special relationship. Dad just has a good sense of horses and ponies and knows just what they need. Today we were so glad to see Dixie back and she’s doing great.

Nothing better than that!!!

Oh yes, and if you have a desire to visit me head for sunny beaches and Palm trees!!

Love YA!


photo and video credit: Robin Walder and Crystal Tyner

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The Koenraad Kronicles! Helping Dixie – Your support is needed!

Dear friends!!

I hope that all is well with everyone near and far. I miss you all and rest assured, Mom is working with us every day to help us be our optimum best. Mom shared that my dear pony friend Dixie has had surgery. Wow that is huge, and thankfully she pulled through it and is her sweet and feisty little self again!! She sent me a few pictures and a video to share with everyone too.

It is a fortunate thing that Dad, Robin and Aileen found just the perfect place for her surgery and where her journey in recovery is now beginning. Colic is a tough and scary thing and very painful for equines, but if action is taken swiftly then the outcome can be much more successful. While we never really know the whys for all this we can take steps to be watchful to do our best to prevent it from happening.

For those of you who may not know, Dixie was taken last week to Unionville Equine Associates. This is a wonderful equine hospital about an hour from our barn in Mount Joy. They have world class vets and technicians and for that we are greatful. Dixie enjoys top notch care with her surgical team. We could not ask for more. She is now pain free they removed a particularly stubborn impaction. They get the absolute HIGH HOOF salute!

Thank you Dr. Elysia Schaefer and her entire team!! The surgery took about an hour and half and the following day Dixie was alert and bright and ready to graze on grass. Her systems are functioning normal and prognosis is very good for her. Of course, her recovery will be in phases over a few months before she is totally back to her routine at home. We are loking forward to her return which is expected in about another week.

The best benefit to have in cases like this is individualized care and personal attention. Unionville Equine associates entire staff are able to keep a solid focus on each horse and give their undivided attention to each case. This time is very valuable to the horse but also important to the owners too. For us having our questions answered and reassurances from our Dixie’s team of caregivers has been extremely valuable. After all she is our Dixie girl and so important to our barn family.

Again, Unionville Equine gets my HIGH HOOF SALUTE!!!!!!!! Their expertise, devotion to the equines they care for and most important, their love for equines is second to none. The vets have a love for what they do and it shows in their approach to the horses they are helping but also the owners and other people that are involved with the horse. They all are very supportive to the circle around the horse and that’s is very important in any care and recovery plan. That’s something that can’t really be taught, but rather felt from within. Thank you so very much for the outstanding care for Dixie!

Unionville Equine Associates have a website to learn more :  Unionville Equine Associates link

She is definitely feeling better!!

We do ask for your help!!! Costs for Dixie’s care are substantial and can be close to $8000.00 so your willingness to help us is critical and appreciated. Dixie is a very important part of our barn family and what we do at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. Dixie was saved from an uncertain future when Dad found her at a local auction. She had a rough start in her young life, but with patience and consistent love she thrived here with us. She has gone on to help students in local shows and even performed in USEF rated shows in Harrisburg. No small feat for a pony that was unwanted and not treated very well. She is young and has so many years ahead of her to continue doing all these good things and more. She is also a best friend to our mini pony, Peaches. The two are a devoted pair! Robin will be sharing fundraising information on our Facebook page and we do have a support page listed below for donations set up too!


Thank you as always for your support and please share with your family and friends to help Dixie!

Love to you all from sunny Florida!

Koenraad, Mom and Brandon!

photo and video credits: Tess Flores and Susan

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The Koenraad Kronicles! Kentucky Derby Time! We are ALL IN!

robinandsmartyjones sign

Dear friends!
The Kentucky Derby is drawing ever closer in just a matter of a couple of days. I have been reflecting on that as it caused me to pause and think of our Smarties and our horses.

In each of the Derby horses you will find champions of the racing world in their pedigrees. Champions like Sunday Silence, Goldencents, Smarty Jones, City Zip and it is a prolific long list! Many may recognize Smarty Jones for his stellar performance in the 2004 Classics in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and just falling short of the Triple Crown in the Belmont.

While we here at Walder’s Way and All In Rescue are aware of the greatness in the pedigree we share a deep love and affection for him because we have been blessed with not one but two sons of the great Smarty Jones. Watching the Derby this year and cheering on a grandkid of Smarty will make it more special!

Our Smarty Jones connection is found in two Thoroughbreds that have homes here at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. One in Pennsylvania

and the other (pictured below) stabled near Wellington, in our Florida division.


It’s Smarty Time is in training as a jumper with my Mom, Madison Walder. Madison is very talented, and a Grand Prix level rider and he’s already won several ribbons in local shows starting out. They both worked and trained and now It’s Smarty Time will be in the show rings at Wellington, Florida which is their new home base soon! It’s Smarty Time is enjoying the ride of his life with Madison! The sky is not the limit and the dynamic duo have endless possibilities!

My Walder’s Way family is also involved with a rescue division in our operations named All In Rescue. This is a joint venture with Dr. Jeff Walder, his wife Robin Walder and Aileen Stevens. The rescue has just been barely operating for one year and the work that has been done to save, rehome and rehabilitate horses in need of homes and a new life is nothing short of amazing. We are all so proud of them and the work and it’s not easy. It’s a huge undertaking and an expensive one too.


Thanks to the generosity of family, friends and people from all over the country we can do what we do to save equines from a terrible fate through no fault of their own.

Our second “Smarty” – whose racing name was Perfect American enjoyed modest success in the lower class ranks of racing. He was perhaps what would be consider more blue-collar racing legend in his class. The hard-knocking horses that show up every time and do their best. They are the backbone of the sport and it’s not easy too. But they try and give their all.

Fortunately for Perfect American, his path found a way to the attention of Aileen Stevens while she was viewing the website of an auction he was in. It is also very sad and upsetting to see any horse from any background in auctions where they have no future unless someone steps up for them. It was worrisome to see the son of Smarty Jones in need of a home and in an auction where his future was not predictable or certain. It hit close to home because of our connection with It’s Smarty Time and it also reminds us that even horses with racing royalty in their pedigrees bad things can still happen to horses of any background. A sad truth.

Prior to the auction Private American had been a lesson horse after his racing days were over and ownership changed hands a couple of times. It is probable he also did not receive the most ideal care and because of that he ultimately landed at the auction house. Aileen raised the necessary funding and had him quarantined and vetted. He was very ill during the process and it took some time and solid medical care before he could come home to Walder’s Way Equestrian Center in Mount Joy. He did get well and now Aileen and her devoted friends and volunteers are working with him daily to help give him the training and tools needed for where his journey will take him. Being a former racehorse, he must learn new ways of doing things. In addition to his new lessons in life his new barn name is Quinn.

The team has found that in both Smarties, their personalities are kind and gentle and they have won the hearts of everyone at the barn. They are open to training and learning new things and like their sire, Smarty Jones are so handsome! We are so grateful to two of our barn friends that have devoted many hours of time and training with Quinn, Zena Schwartz and Sabrina Drouillard. They both are accomplished in horsemanship and love to ride and they adore Quinn! He is learning quickly with their patient guidance.

Sabrina shares: “With Quinn, it was love at first sight! His gorgeous chestnut color (I am a sucker for redheads) and sweet eyes stole my heart. You could see that he had been given the short end of the stick and needed his own person. Someone to love him, care for him, and teach him.”
“After he settled into the barn, it didn’t take long before I was asking, “When can we start working with Quinn?” I was chopping at the bit to work with this fiery thoroughbred and see what he could do! After I was given the ok, we started his “training”. We first started with standing in the cross ties and being groomed. Then it was time to move onto bigger and better things. I enlisted the help of my barn pal, Zena, the miracle momma of grounds work! Her dedication and assistance has played a huge role in Quinn’s progress. She has worked with him daily doing carrot stretches, teaching him to stand, backup, side pass, and go to the right, something that tends to be difficult for ex-racehorses. We have also worked on lounging at a walk and trot, with and without a saddle. He is one smart cookie and really does his best to please. I was even privileged to take him for a light ride and did so well!”
“It has been a real pleasure working with Quinn and seeing his progress. He has learned so much and so have I. Our hope is that in the near future, he will find his forever home with someone who will continue his training and love him forever. “

Friends it is very hard to know that not all horses have this good fortune and it is important to be aware of the avenues and resources of help that is available. It does take a village of people and barns to help and with awareness and the willingness to get involved so much good can be done.

Zena also stressed that with any horse it is fundamentally important to start with the basics.  Just as Sabrina shared, they both understand and take the time to get the basics down pat before moving on with the next phase of training. Laying the foundational groundwork is crucial in the learning process.


Zena generously shares a wealth of knowledge and experience with horses with her friends at the barn and the horses themselves and plays a very important role at Walder’s Way. Her work with the horses and the students and fellow boarders is an appreciated blessing for everyone.

We extend many heartfelt thanks to Zena and Sabrina and the entire team of supporters and staff at Walder’s Way.


Their hard work, loyalty and effort is valued and needed for the success and safety at the Center.

As we enjoy the Kentucky Derby and the Classics to follow, take time to remember other horses who may need help and get involved. Our rescue and others like it really need the help of donations and volunteers willing to dedicate their time to help with training, horse care, marketing, fundraising and so much more. It means so much to the rescue and even more to the horses they’re helping.
In addition, we have some horses in the rescue that will be permanent residents and if you would like to help sponsor their care that is another way to help. Two Saddlebreds that were former buggy horses have medical issues that will prevent them from being rideable, and they need sponsors. They have a lot of love and life in their hearts and sponsorship is critical.

If you want to help us help horses, All In Rescue has a Facebook page and a website and would love to hear from you.
Simply navigate to our ALL IN website and all the information and links to our rescue is readily available. If you’d like to visit the farm and meet the Walder’s Aileen Stevens and see the horses and the wonderful work that is being done, please contact us!
We also like to wish all the horses in the Kentucky Derby good luck and look forward to the winner’s circle.  In our hearts and minds, all horses deserve that coveted position in the winner’s circle!


Love to all from sunny Florida!

Koenraad and Madison!


Photo and video credits:

Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Aileen Stevens, Zena Schwartz, Sabrina Drouillard, Kristy Pollock, Crystal Tyner, Susan

Many, many thank you’s to all the supporters and loyal friends of Walder’s Way Equestrian Center and All in Rescue!

Your support means so much to us and the horses in our care!!

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The Koenraad Kronicles!! Easter and New Beginnings!


Dear friends!

Hey and how ya been!!! We are doing really great in sunny Florida on the gorgeous Easter Sunday! WHOA but so much has been going on here and up in Mount Joy with Dad, Robin and all my barn pals and peeps!

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the fabulous birthday wishes!! Mom gave me some great treats and kisses. I had a great day. And Carmen, It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild all helped me eat some birthday carrot cake. I think It’s Smarty Time has the most cake though, he really loved it! I am a popsicle kinda horse so Mom made sure I was well stocked for the day and I DID NOT eat the stick!



It’ Smarty Time says YUMMY!

So it’s a brand new birthday year and so much to look forward to!!


And when Mom is not training us and taking care of all that we need to get done around the barn she is also busy helping another horse learn the Western way!! They are doing very well too I hear. But then again, when you have Mom you have the BEST! And that’s all there is to it!

It’s Smarty Time has also been doing some cool things too in his spare time from training! He’s been helping Brandon learn to ride on trails. They’re having a lot of fun and becoming fast pals!


It’s Smarty Time also has a huge crush on his gal pal Carmen! She has a little bit of nervous feelings about getting a new shoe ( must be a girl thing) and so Smarty my man to the rescue to be there for support. And she was happy, calm and serene for our farrier friend. It’s Smarty Time is a SMART FELLOW too because he figured out that the cross ties can S T R E T C H!!! So he stretched and did some happy grass munching! Never a dull moment say Smarty!


Then for Easter Mom got a HUGE surprise!! We got wheels!! This is a great thing and something we needed. Heartfelt high hoof to the Easter Bunny! We all think Brandon has an IN with the big hearted rabbit too! HIGH HOOF SALUTE!


We do miss our Mount Joy pals and peeps and they do a GREAT job of keeping us in the barn loop! They’ve got rescue news, new horse news and well just plain good horse and peep news!!! Take a peek and see what I am talking about!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HA ha! Oh how I miss my buddy Junior. He is amazing!


Our All In Rescue under the leadership of Aileen Stevens, Dad and Robin is going like gangbusters!! Aileen has been very instrumental in initiating rescues, training the rescues, vetting the rescues and promoting the rescue. She even helps horses from other locations and finds them a safe sanctuary to land until they can find their forever home. She does her best, but as you know this type of undertaking can not be done without help. So if you would like to become involved by volunteering, donations or both, AIR rescue is on Facebook and has a great website for more information.

Aileen and her daughter Rowan were even on TV – ABC 27 Good Day Today to share about the Rescue, what’s next and so much more.


Aileen was also found manning the table at the Cars and Coffee event on April 14th too! She is always working hard for the rescue to raise funding and awareness to the issue of the plight horses can face when things are uncertain. High Hoof Salute to you!!


Just a few pictures of the rescues to show how much we LOVE them!!:


I also love it when my little people friends take the time to wish us all a Happy Easter. They’re busy riding horses, swimming, creating artistic works of art and running a Beanie store, but they always make time for the important things like Easter. So swell are they!


So as I look forward to my new birthday year and new beginnings, I want to say that I look forward to doing all of this with you too!!

Make your Easter a very special one as we remember the meaning of Easter and enjoy your time with family and friends!

Happy Easter everyone!



Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Brandon Schreiber, Aileen Stevens, Tess Flores, Crystal Tyner, Kristy Pollock, Maddy Landis, and Sabrina Drouillard

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