The Koenraad Kronicles! Our Family: All In!

Whoa Friends! How have things been going?? What’s going on Koenraad? I have been hearing that for weeks! I have been busy keeping an eye on things and that’s been a full time job. We have been busy busy busy here in the barn and will be more so in the days ahead. However, as […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!! Warming Up!

Hi Friends!! Happy Halloween and I hope you are enjoying warming up! We’ve been thinking about sunny days here and as you can see my dear piggle friends, Oliver and Olivia are no exception! They’ve been basking in the Pennsylvania rays!! Speaking of “warming up”, Mom and I have been working the lunge line and […]

The Koenraad Kronicles! Learning, Making Friends and Heading South!

Hi Friends! Whoa! I have been pretty busy getting ready for my big move!! Yes you’re hearing it right, MOVE! Mom and I are heading to Wellington for the 2018 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and the Global Dressage Festival (GDF) held at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC)! We’re still in the process of […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!! New kids in town – our endless possibilities!

Hi Friends!! We are enjoying our time in the barn in between the rain drops as of late. Little sun here, little sun there and a bunch of rain drops! The rain does not slow us down though. This week, Junior, It’s Smarty Time, and myself welcomed a new chap named Opie to the barn!! […]

The Koenraad Kronicles! Flying into Fall!

Hello dear friends! Ready or not, Fall is here!! This is a great time of year too. The heat of summer is dwindling, there are hopefully less flies and our winter coat is starting to show signs of life. It’s a time of change as we shift from one season to another and yet still […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!! All is Good!

Hi Friends!!! I hope ALL IS GOOD with everyone since my last writing. The picture above tells the story. My barn peeps have been in a flurry of activity. They have been working hard on the barn, in the barn outside the barn and beyond!!! I am reveling in the barn about everything that I […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!! Artsy Equines!

Hello Friends!! Whoa, but it has been a very busy and rainy week! Rain and more rain in the forecast too. When the storms first came on August 31st (yes I know the calendar!) I thought Junior was running the bath water in the barn to overflow onto the paddocks and outdoor ring, but he […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!! Powerful Rewards!

Hey Friends!!! I sure hope you’ve been enjoying life and staying cool. We’re in the middle of another hot spell here on the farm, but we still find ways to find keep cool. Oftentimes we’re so busy, that the time just goes by soooooo faaasssttt and we don’t have time to worry about the heat […]

The Koenraad Kronicles! See us at the Elizabethtown Fair!

Hi Friends!! Robin is at the Elizabethtown Fair all week starting today!!! She’s selling raffle tickets for some wonderful prizes, discounts galore on lessons too!! Great fun and you also get this great opportunity to see her and get answers to all your questions about what we do, what we offer and anything and everything […]

The Koenraad Kronicles!!! Respectfully Yours

Dear friends! This week caused me to reflect quite a lot. In the world which is vast and large I learned that we lost a great Queen of Soul. Someone you most assuredly know of – Aretha Franklin. Here in the barn we thought long and hard about that. She was prolific in her quest […]