Walder’s Way is not a just a place, but a state of being. It is where rider and horse are in unison working together. Madison Walder is a young, energetic and talented Grand Prix level rider who has excelled in multiple disciplines within the industry and always has her mind set on the next goal. Thanks to her father, Dr. Jeff Walder, she was encouraged to rise to the challenge and excel while following her dreams. Most recently moved from Pennsylvania where they had a thriving equestrian center they have participated in top rated shows in Pennsylvania to New Jersey, Florida and Kentucky to learn from the greats and under her father’s guidance and support and supreme personal effort and practice, Madison Walder has become the consummate equestrian.

She now manages her own stable of horses in Wellington, Florida also while working for a top local show barn. Her own horses come from varied backgrounds and talent and are in training for shows, the Retired Racehorse Project, and much more.

Her stable is located in the Horse Show Capital – Wellington, Florida where the area is home to year round rated and non rated events that include world renowned WEF and HITS. In addition the area is not far from Ocala where equestrians come from near and far to compete.

You are invited to follow her journey and her champions! She works hard, makes it look easy when it isn’t and tests herself to be the best of the best!

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