Hi Friends!
Whoa! It’s been a couple of months since my last update. Gee time sure flies here in sunny Florida!! We have had some hot days for sure and even a hurricane that decided to move on by and no complaints from us. My first experience with a near hurricane – ya you can stay FAR FAR away in my book!

Hope all is well. Mom, Brandon, me and my pals have been enjoying life. Junior, Dixie and Peaches finally made the big trek down from Pennsylvania. They are SO HAPPY to be here with us too and our family is together once again!! Our friend Rick Thompson told me that they travelled just like PROS! Wow, Junior a pro, well that’s kinda his thing. Many heartfelt thanks to Rick too for coming through and helping us out. Our family is special and they were in good hands and hooves on the long trip.


Dixie loves to survey the new digs!


Don’t worry Peaches, Santa will find you in Florida to help out at Christmastime too!


Junior has to make sure he’s his dapper and charming self at all times. The only horse I know that LOVES grooming!


Rub a dub dub Junior, you’re a beauty!

We’ve also added a new truck to the Florida fam too! Gee check this baby out!

Madison and Truck

Brandon and Truck

Brandon sure knows how to pick ’em too!


Mom has her classy truck too! We are definitely a truck family!


Mom and Brandon have been taking great care of us too. They made sure we were set up well from the potential hurricane! Nice!


Made sure we had plenty of supplies, just in case!


They love to hit the trails with us too and It’s Smarty Time gets great works with Mom too when he’s not on the trail.


They also make time to give us LOTS of ATTENTION!

And we really love that!

Mom also likes to take the motor bike out too. Hey Mom I can gallop faster than that bike ANY DAY!


All in good fun Mom, you know we love you!


Mom has also been busy training our glamour king – Two Jack’s Wild!! There are a lot of events and venues they’re working toward so stay tuned. We are in the Equestrian Capital here in Wellington Florida so there are opportunities GALORE for Mom to showcase her talents and ours. It’s fun, it’s exciting and we love it here!

Being part of our wonderful Walder family is something we all treasure. Our Walder’s Way is the way we love best and as long as we are doing our best and making it work, we have everything we need. Family is everything friends and when you have your family, you truly have it all and what counts the most!

Hang tough, be fair and be a friend. But most of all, love your family!

See ya the next time!

Luv ya!


photo credits: Madison Walder, Brandon Schreiber

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