Hi Friends!

Are you ready for the celebration! Fourth of July is here! There is much to celebrate and be grateful for. What I am most thankful for is my Mom and I want to tell you why.

We have made many big changes this year and the biggest change is making our new life here in Florida. This was a big move too.

Our Walder’s Way division is a learning experience, fun, more learning, more fun and sunshine! I can’t forget the sunshine. My Mom, Madison is our rock and she makes sure we are happy. To have a friend that goes above and beyond to keep us moving forward and happy at the same time is no small effort.

She gives us time to explore new things in our training.

And when we do a good job, she rewards us with hugs and love!

She lets us be us even if that means It’s Smarty Time wants a crazy eye fly mask!!! Did you ever???

She lets us give her hugs when we want a selfie!

She surprises our best bud Brandon with a new western saddle so he can hit the trails in style!

Oh boy they are looking really good too!

She knows how to make us look our best in shows and competition. She is the best trainer, and a Grand Prix level rider too!

She gives us great confidence in our abilities when we are just learning. That’s so special.

And the hugs keep coming. Thanks Mom!

More please Mom!

She helps us with our treats too!

She transforms us to being beautiful in our paddock….

To competition worthy….

She puts flowers in our manes.

She never forgets the family back home in Pennsylvania.

She thinks I am cute and takes a picture when she thinks I am not looking too. That happens a lot! WHOA!

She even makes time to help ponies learn new things too.

She takes pictures of Brandon with his best bud, It’s Smarty Time. My pal Smarty is a little spoiled I think!

She takes great care of me, really great care.

My Mom, Madison is a strong young woman. She’s made big changes so that we can have many new fabulous opportunities. She’s faced tremendous loss when our dear friend Bonita went to the big sky and that was tough. She studies hard, she works hard and she takes great care of everyone here. My list is long as to why Mom is my best friend, and our best friend.

She understands us so well, better than we know ourselves I think.

The best part is that she lets us be us, and that’s says something too. She loves us for who we are with all our good things and even when we are a little bit naughty!

In our estimation, that’s a friend, a very best friend.

Thank you Mom, you truly are the best friend a horse could have.

Be good and this Fourth of July, enjoy your best friends. They are gift!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad, Madison and Brandon

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Kristy Pollock, Crystal Tyner

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