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Hi Friends!!

Hello to all my dear friends from sunny Florida! As you can see I am relishing the sunshine while I eat my hay. Oh what a glorious day it is and what a fantastic week too!!

We got off to a great start this week by celebrating Mom’s birthday and Robin’s too! Both on the same day! How amazing is that!! Woo Hoo and we love them both so much! Happy birthday to the special ladies in my life! All my barn pals say Whoo Hoo and good for you too!

Junior most especially sending his kisses! He had cupcakes and treats with Robin and the barn pals and peeps he said. Whoa, save some of that cake for me Junior!


The Little People celebrated with some UNICORN cake!! Now that’s special!


Nothing makes me happier than working with Mom doing our thing! Looking forward to another great year ahead. Jumping, jumping, dressaging, teasing It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild about their fly masks!! Endless list of fun times ahead!


So we’ve been thinking about the Belmont today. A horse who was considered a long shot took the win at Belmont yesterday. Sir Winston. He was named after the prolific leader, Sir Winston Churchill. Mom told me all about the history of this great leader and the tough times he dealt with. Sir Winston had a brilliant rider who guided him to a win by saving ground and keeping his tank full and ready to engage. Being smart about things and saving resources is a good strategy and it paid handsomely. Great job by this team and congratulations to all the connections. We were all on the edge of our stalls and how exciting! I think that even Sir Winston Churchill would be proud.

Speaking of champions, winning and working hard…

My pals and friends at our Mount Joy barn have been having a splendid time getting ready to usher in the great summertime!

First though, the Spring brought some angry skies, storms and mud!


The mud made things difficult and created extra work too…


But everyone worked to get through it and we’re hoping for clear happy skies and not so much rain!

The Peeps cleaned and organized the tack room. Junior said that it’s easy to spot the treats too. Not too many hiding places!! WHOA! No fooling that Junior!

56405415_2336918623296784_6624336194735964160_n (2)

Junior is not the only one for keeping and eye on the treats!! Quinn watches closely too!


But when they’re not watching for treats, they’re working with the peeps and doing all kinds of fun stuff. They even get a doggie visitor!!


That pooch loved to make the rounds!


Plenty of hugs, kisses and selfies going on too!

I love that the peeps work hard and they get out on the trail too. It’s important to have that balance in life!

Molly the Jolly Unicorn gets out with her person too.

Reve met the new guy on the block. They’re becoming great friends!!


Just so much going on!

Dad been working hard too. He knows that good preparation is essential to success! He’s an excellent teacher for us all to follow. Sometimes though he is a fast mover and it’s hard to catch up to him…

If you don’t succeed, try try again. If nothing works, time to go fishin!


Plan well, work hard, do your best and taking it from the Little people – make time for pizza!


Love YA!

Koenraad, Madison and Brandon!

photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Sabrina, Kristy Pollock, Brandon, Ryan, Aileen Stevens, Maddie Landis, and Crystal Tyner









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