Hey Friends!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you are all doing real swell! Hey! My BFF Molly The Jolly Unicorn has been in touch with us here in Florida and she’s been telling me how busy things are in Mount Joy! Whoa!!! We have been taking it easy during the day here, just enjoying life and keeping cool in the heat of the day. It’s Smarty Time was flashing his pearly whites before he went on his evening trail ride. He heard about all the DENTAL WORK going on and he wants his Duncan Dentist lady to come visit him to take care of his teeth too. He’s all set he said!

But anyway, back to the news from our beautiful Unicorn!

She tells me that the horse dentist is really something. She came to the barn with her trusty assistant and they had all kinds of cool tech stuff. But the best part was that they both love horses and have so much patience. They were at the barn for most of the day and everyone did really goodly!

Tink, Sekaya, Lainey, Quinn, Sammy, Heartly, Oden, Carlton and Lucky are good to go for another year!

Quinn needed a little pep talk with Zena, but he got through it too!

Duncan Equine Dental Services are THE BEST around. Katelyn is certified too and she goes to conferences all around the country to make sure she is up to date on all the latest and greatest in dental stuff for equines. Wonderful lady equine dentist and she is super professional. She won us over and that’s saying something as horses generally speaking are not overly fond of this type of thing!

Way to go and THANK YOU Katelyn and Rebecca!! Best part is she loves mini ponies. They are kinda hard to do and their mouths are small. This bodes well because in the future our mini donkeys will need their dentals done too! She knows how to handle the minis and just the right touch!

Lainey was making friends this week too I hear. She has a new best friend in Aubrey! Aubrey just started lessons and Lainey was Aubrey’s very first lesson horse!! Talk about Pretty in Pink – they got it going on!

Welcome to the barn Aubrey and good luck with your lessons!

And yet with all the lessons, dental visit and Dixie coming home….

Yuppppp!! Molly the Jolly Unicorn told me that Peaches was just beside herself to have her best buddy home again. Dixie made it through her surgery. She had the best care at Unionville Equine hospital for a tough impaction. That’s all behind us now and we look forward to a steady recovery. It will take some time, but we’ll get there!

Busy Busy Busy!

They made it to Swan Lake Stables for a Local summer show. It was a beautiful day. While we did not take home a ribbon, we learned a lot and it was good to see where we were so we know how to progress going forward. Kristy and Junior along with Kristen and Sarge did their best and we are all very proud of them. Jumping a grid is not an easy thing to do and we commend them for their effort. Someday I’ll be in their shoes so I hope to do well. It’s not easy, it takes practice but it’s so much easier when you know you tried your best and you come home to your friends. Support is important!! A fun day and a learning day too! I try to learn something new every day. Mostly how to get more carrots from Mom and Brandon! They are pretty smart cookies though!

Junior said his friend Ryan gave him a pep talk after the show too. Support from friends goes a long way.

Especially when you’re wearing Argyle socks!

Dad and the gang no sooner got home to the barn from the horse show when they were all off and running to the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade!!! Oh my goodness! Our hearts here in Florida just bursting with pride! Our barn team making a big presence in the parade! What a beautiful parade team they were too! Mom missed being there but we were all there in spirit.

And of course the Unicorn looked her absolute best with her Mom, Tess Flores! And it just does not get any better than that!

Kristy and Junior WOWED the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal and Reve made us so happy, actually brought a tear to my eye to see them. Reve looked beautiful with his Mom!

A kiss for luck!

Our Walder’s Way Team- totally knocks it out of the park!

Remember always have fun!

Follow your dreams!

And always remember to smell the roses along the way!

Happy Memorial Day with Mount Joy Pride! Go for the gusto!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all!
Koenraad, Madison and Brandon!

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Crystal Tyner, Kristy Pollock and Susan

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