Dear Friends!

Whoa! She’s back! We sure missed her too. Me most especially as I am in Florida and have not seen her in a few months! Oh boy it’s good to see my friend Dixie.

She was reunited with her good buddy Peaches too. Peaches was so excited and well, just beside herself! She could not contain her excitement as she squealed in delight!

Nothing better than seeing a bonded pair back together again.

It’s been a long week, but we made it and now the next part of Dixie’s journey begins. Her surgery to remove a very stubborn impaction was a great success and now we have to focus on maintaining a good atmosphere for healing. Not only getting the right diet and careful exercise and ever so gradually, but also state of mind. Dixie will enjoy the stimulation of being near her familiar faces and voices and her stall. She’ll be bonding with Peaches and feel more comfortable in the healing process. It’s well rounded regimen and all these things are important.

So if you’re in the area stop in to say hello and give her the high hoof salute!! That will mean a lot of us and even more to her!

Dixie loves Dad too, that is a special relationship. Dad just has a good sense of horses and ponies and knows just what they need. Today we were so glad to see Dixie back and she’s doing great.

Nothing better than that!!!

Oh yes, and if you have a desire to visit me head for sunny beaches and Palm trees!!

Love YA!


photo and video credit: Robin Walder and Crystal Tyner

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