Dear friends!!

I hope that all is well with everyone near and far. I miss you all and rest assured, Mom is working with us every day to help us be our optimum best. Mom shared that my dear pony friend Dixie has had surgery. Wow that is huge, and thankfully she pulled through it and is her sweet and feisty little self again!! She sent me a few pictures and a video to share with everyone too.

It is a fortunate thing that Dad, Robin and Aileen found just the perfect place for her surgery and where her journey in recovery is now beginning. Colic is a tough and scary thing and very painful for equines, but if action is taken swiftly then the outcome can be much more successful. While we never really know the whys for all this we can take steps to be watchful to do our best to prevent it from happening.

For those of you who may not know, Dixie was taken last week to Unionville Equine Associates. This is a wonderful equine hospital about an hour from our barn in Mount Joy. They have world class vets and technicians and for that we are greatful. Dixie enjoys top notch care with her surgical team. We could not ask for more. She is now pain free they removed a particularly stubborn impaction. They get the absolute HIGH HOOF salute!

Thank you Dr. Elysia Schaefer and her entire team!! The surgery took about an hour and half and the following day Dixie was alert and bright and ready to graze on grass. Her systems are functioning normal and prognosis is very good for her. Of course, her recovery will be in phases over a few months before she is totally back to her routine at home. We are loking forward to her return which is expected in about another week.

The best benefit to have in cases like this is individualized care and personal attention. Unionville Equine associates entire staff are able to keep a solid focus on each horse and give their undivided attention to each case. This time is very valuable to the horse but also important to the owners too. For us having our questions answered and reassurances from our Dixie’s team of caregivers has been extremely valuable. After all she is our Dixie girl and so important to our barn family.

Again, Unionville Equine gets my HIGH HOOF SALUTE!!!!!!!! Their expertise, devotion to the equines they care for and most important, their love for equines is second to none. The vets have a love for what they do and it shows in their approach to the horses they are helping but also the owners and other people that are involved with the horse. They all are very supportive to the circle around the horse and that’s is very important in any care and recovery plan. That’s something that can’t really be taught, but rather felt from within. Thank you so very much for the outstanding care for Dixie!

Unionville Equine Associates have a website to learn more :  Unionville Equine Associates link

She is definitely feeling better!!

We do ask for your help!!! Costs for Dixie’s care are substantial and can be close to $8000.00 so your willingness to help us is critical and appreciated. Dixie is a very important part of our barn family and what we do at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. Dixie was saved from an uncertain future when Dad found her at a local auction. She had a rough start in her young life, but with patience and consistent love she thrived here with us. She has gone on to help students in local shows and even performed in USEF rated shows in Harrisburg. No small feat for a pony that was unwanted and not treated very well. She is young and has so many years ahead of her to continue doing all these good things and more. She is also a best friend to our mini pony, Peaches. The two are a devoted pair! Robin will be sharing fundraising information on our Facebook page and we do have a support page listed below for donations set up too!


Thank you as always for your support and please share with your family and friends to help Dixie!

Love to you all from sunny Florida!

Koenraad, Mom and Brandon!

photo and video credits: Tess Flores and Susan

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