Dear friends!

Hey and how ya been!!! We are doing really great in sunny Florida on the gorgeous Easter Sunday! WHOA but so much has been going on here and up in Mount Joy with Dad, Robin and all my barn pals and peeps!

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the fabulous birthday wishes!! Mom gave me some great treats and kisses. I had a great day. And Carmen, It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild all helped me eat some birthday carrot cake. I think It’s Smarty Time has the most cake though, he really loved it! I am a popsicle kinda horse so Mom made sure I was well stocked for the day and I DID NOT eat the stick!



It’ Smarty Time says YUMMY!

So it’s a brand new birthday year and so much to look forward to!!


And when Mom is not training us and taking care of all that we need to get done around the barn she is also busy helping another horse learn the Western way!! They are doing very well too I hear. But then again, when you have Mom you have the BEST! And that’s all there is to it!

It’s Smarty Time has also been doing some cool things too in his spare time from training! He’s been helping Brandon learn to ride on trails. They’re having a lot of fun and becoming fast pals!


It’s Smarty Time also has a huge crush on his gal pal Carmen! She has a little bit of nervous feelings about getting a new shoe ( must be a girl thing) and so Smarty my man to the rescue to be there for support. And she was happy, calm and serene for our farrier friend. It’s Smarty Time is a SMART FELLOW too because he figured out that the cross ties can S T R E T C H!!! So he stretched and did some happy grass munching! Never a dull moment say Smarty!


Then for Easter Mom got a HUGE surprise!! We got wheels!! This is a great thing and something we needed. Heartfelt high hoof to the Easter Bunny! We all think Brandon has an IN with the big hearted rabbit too! HIGH HOOF SALUTE!


We do miss our Mount Joy pals and peeps and they do a GREAT job of keeping us in the barn loop! They’ve got rescue news, new horse news and well just plain good horse and peep news!!! Take a peek and see what I am talking about!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HA ha! Oh how I miss my buddy Junior. He is amazing!


Our All In Rescue under the leadership of Aileen Stevens, Dad and Robin is going like gangbusters!! Aileen has been very instrumental in initiating rescues, training the rescues, vetting the rescues and promoting the rescue. She even helps horses from other locations and finds them a safe sanctuary to land until they can find their forever home. She does her best, but as you know this type of undertaking can not be done without help. So if you would like to become involved by volunteering, donations or both, AIR rescue is on Facebook and has a great website for more information.

Aileen and her daughter Rowan were even on TV – ABC 27 Good Day Today to share about the Rescue, what’s next and so much more.


Aileen was also found manning the table at the Cars and Coffee event on April 14th too! She is always working hard for the rescue to raise funding and awareness to the issue of the plight horses can face when things are uncertain. High Hoof Salute to you!!


Just a few pictures of the rescues to show how much we LOVE them!!:


I also love it when my little people friends take the time to wish us all a Happy Easter. They’re busy riding horses, swimming, creating artistic works of art and running a Beanie store, but they always make time for the important things like Easter. So swell are they!


So as I look forward to my new birthday year and new beginnings, I want to say that I look forward to doing all of this with you too!!

Make your Easter a very special one as we remember the meaning of Easter and enjoy your time with family and friends!

Happy Easter everyone!



Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Brandon Schreiber, Aileen Stevens, Tess Flores, Crystal Tyner, Kristy Pollock, Maddy Landis, and Sabrina Drouillard

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