Dear friends,

It saddens me to write to you about our pretty Bonita. She recently passed away very unexpectedly and we miss her so very much. She was our Bonita, our pretty girl and she showed up every time to do her very best at all that was asked of her.

Mom said it best as she shared the news with everyone:

“If someone asks you if you want a polo pony mare… don’t hesitate just say yes. Don’t think on it cuz do you really need another horse, a mare at that.. that only does polo and is mid age. Surely she can’t learn anything else at this stage of her life, right? Wrong. Just say yes. Take the girl. Because when I finally said well alright little did I know I would be handed over the best mare of my life. The mare who kicked ass at polo, who would out jump anyone, who was fast as lightning, would pack my boyfriend around, the only time she wouldn’t win in a jump off is when I forgot the course. I loved you each day. Your kind kind eye. So sweet those doe eyes. My Bo Bo Bonita girl. Mi Nina Bonita. The girl that was so petite and cute that’s how you got your show name because you were so fast and high class. People didn’t even know how old you were or that you were a TB. My Bonita V8 High Class. No two horses are the same I’ll never see anything so little beautiful and talented, feel that ride you gave coming up to a jump, turning and burning around corners, or that light paw you did when you wanted treats. So polite her hoof never hit the ground she would just paw the air. Today seeing you down was the worst thing. I wanted to be there your head in my arms when you passed. I love you so much. Run free with Noggin….”

It’s always hard to say good bye and so we won’t. We’ll say so long for now and thank you for all the wonderful memories that will stay forever embedded into our hearts. In Spanish, Bonita means pretty. Bonita was certainly very pretty and had the sweetness in her personality to match. We are so blessed to have had you in our family if only for a flash in time. Bonita you were so fast and reminded us of lightning! Your zest for speed was always phenomenal to watch.

This was her last showing at Swan Lake last year. She was so expert, so confident and she followed Mom’s directions to perfection. Go Bo Bo! And she went! She showed up every time as I said before, and this was no exception!

Mom and Dad shared a moment between jumps and you put those smiles on their faces like you always did too!

IMG_4362 (2)

You had such versatility too. Mom could take you in the parades, ride a trail, participate in a paper chase, go like the wind in USEF shows and local shows too. You were exceptional and brilliant and you made us proud.

But most of all, you were kind and patient. You were content to just be you whether you were in the limelight or in the pasture. You helped other riders with their goals and you welcomed It’s Smarty Time to the barn and were his very best friend.

There are no words truly adequate to describe how full our hearts are for you, but please know that we are very glad that Mom said YES.

You are what it means to be pretty, you are very Pretty. Our Mi Bo Bo Bonita. We will only say so long for now and until we meet again our pretty girl.


With LOVE,

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