Dear friends!

I hope you’re making the most of Spring now that it is finally here. Time to begin anew and enjoy the buds on the trees, the chirping birds and time to come back to goals and dreams you may have had on hold for one reason or another.

Mom and I have been working and excelling and she’s been doing a grand job with all of us actually.  She has been working with Carmen, shining up Two Jacks Wild, working with It’s Smarty Time and Bonita too. We’ve just enjoyed a nice winter here in the South and now we’re thinking ahead to what’s next and what’s next could lots of hard work but it will all be worth it.

Two Jack’s Wild is looking his best and shining bright! He’s got his eyes on the Retired Racehorse project later in the year. I do think he’s a most handsome chap though. He’ll have the judges swooning!

Two Jacks

He is one special comeback kid too. He used to race here in Florida at Gulf Stream Park and now here he is back in Florida learning to be a champion show horse! I am just so proud!


My Little People are making great comebacks too at our Mount Joy facility. I am especially proud of my friend Neveah!! She has been back in the saddle again and that’s a top notch thing to be doing and a great comeback kid! Way to go and keep up the good work. With the help of a Go Pro, she is sharing what she is doing on her riding expeditions. Her Mom and my Best Friend Forever, Tess Flores is doing the Go Pro thing too. Such cool stuff!

Such a special Unicorn!

My gal pal Lainey and my BFF Tess really love to take a ride too. They work well together and thanks for taking us along too!!!!!!!

Time is well spent with a Unicorn!

Nevaeh and Molly

Our All in Rescue horse friends are special come back kids. Some had tough circumstances and are finally knowing what it is like to have a good home and being loved. Others are transitioning from one job to another lifestyle.

My dear pal Quinn, aka Perfect American was such a come back kid. He started out as a racehorse, learned to be a lesson horse and now he is here with us to learn to be a horse and see where he wants to go next. He inherited his good looks from his Dad, champion Smarty Jones I think. I also feel that he has great promise and he’s going to be fantastic in whatever he is suited to do next. The All In Rescue team is the best around and he is in the best hands.

And then there is Maximus!!!!!


Maximus defines handsome and puts it in a whole new category.  He is strong, resilient and just plain Gorgeous! I hear about how the barn peeps melt whenever he’s around! Whoa now that’s not just a come back, that’s FRONT AND CENTER!!! WHOA

This picture below just warms my Warm Blood heart. Seeing Dad with my mini donkey pals is really amazing. Dad knows just what to do to reach everyone on just the right level and that includes minis!! These two are pretty darn special too! Our dear friend and an All In Rescue founder has great plans for these long ears! They are going to be stars, just wait and see and we’ll keep everyone posted!


On March 9th All In Rescue and Aileen Stevens hosted the very first Equestrian Ball. The event was the talk of the town and a HUGE SUCCESS! Making headway into mainstream about the plight of horses in need is a big deal and sometimes it’s hard. But friends, it truly is the place to be in the horse industry. You want to do right by the horse and have the respect for them that they deserve. I know that it is a lot of hard work, but the reward in saving a life is priceless and will stay with you and will keep you focused on working toward the good.

My barn peeps and peeps I don’t even know came out in DROVES to help Aileen with the evening of a lifetime! And because of that we have a couple more horses coming from as far away as Texas and Oklahoma in the next few days because of all those who came and donated their time and funds so that more lives could be saved. An incredible feat and we’ll be sharing out more events coming so do stay tuned.

These loving hearts….

It just does not get any better than this!

Well….. unless you are Kristy and Crystal out enjoying their horses! These horses both were in need of a good home too and wow they hit the jackpot!!!

Another one came home too. Our friend Unshackled is racehorse that Mom and Dad helped rehabilitate after she suffered an injury during a routine training day. She went back to racing and did her best and now she is retired to her home at Fox Tale Farm where she grew up and spent the first two years of her life. She’s happy now and she is a spectacular come back kid. Nothing better than being home again. We love her too!

Friends wherever you are and whatever you are doing, keep doing what you love. When you do what you love it will bring out the best in you. Sometimes we try new things or take a break and that’s ok. But often times it makes coming back and being a come back kid the greatest thing of all.

Do your best and be kind to others. Respect the horse!

Love ya!!!!!!!!!!
Koenraad! 🙂

Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Brandon Schreiber, Aileen Stevens, Tess Flores, Dawn Newman, Kristy Pollock, Crystal Tyner and Susan

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