Hi Friends!!!
Good news travels fast and when it comes to news about an Equestrian Ball for all time, well it’s supersonic!! Saturday, March 9th is almost here!!!!!!!!!

Mom and I are in Florida basking in the sunshine and in the ultra news we have been so anxious to share about this extraordinary Equestrian Ball being hosted by founders of All In Rescue, Aileen Stevens, Dad, Robin and a host of supporters!! Friends, everyone involved in the inaugural ball has been working day and night to prepare for this magnificent event. So many wonderful donations and gifts, the best restaurant and catered by a team of butlers that will be the envy of all.

The event has been SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!! But no matter, even if you were not able to get a ticket to come to the event, there is still time to place your bid in the online LIVE auction. You will see something for everyone too. Purses, Staycations, Car Lovers, Horse Lovers, Date night packages, foodie packages, polo package, wine package, beauty, jewelry, paintings and photography and there is even a PONY PAINT night from Tess Flores package that you can bid on. Literally there is just about anything and everything to tempt you!! I encourage you to check out the Online Auction and make a bid.

There will be both a live and a silent auction. Something for everyone and you cannot afford to miss.

The best part is that the proceeds from this luxurious event of events will go to help the rescue horses. To date All In Rescue 501 (c) 3 has rescued 50 horses. These horses came from uncertain circumstances and many needed extensive vetting and training. Thanks to people that support All In Rescue and the support from people all over the area, these horses now have a chance to thrive that otherwise would not have been possible.

Here are just a few of the items going for bid, and the link to the auction with all the details! :

Saturday All In Rescue Benefit Auction link

Check out the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fashionistas, Vacationers, Staycationers, Golfers, Painters, Designer Purse lovers, and ALL HORSE LOVERS!! Join the fun, get involved and help the horses. It’s a Win Win for everyone and most especially the horses.

For those that purchased a ticket to the ball, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to meet the founders of the rescue, many of the staff who work so hard behind the scenes and also be in great company of people like yourself that love horses. Oh and of course the food will be exquisite and delicious! There is a great reward in helping those without a voice and it will stay with you.

Mom and I also want to take this time to honor Aileen Stevens. She has put a lot of love and effort into the mission of helping horses and the planning that it takes to envision and create this timeless event. We hope that this is just the first of many Equestrian Balls yet to come. Thank you so much Aileen for being that person who cares and leads with compassion!


We also honor and cherish the partnership that my Dad, Dr. Jeff Walder and Robin Walder, Dad’s loving wife have undertaken with Aileen to provide the safe landing place for the horses that needed it so desperately.  With Aileen’s attention to detail and devotion to helping horses and Dad and Robin’s expertise and knowledge it’s a dream team. I have no doubt this time next year, we’ll be talking about this event and planning the next one!

And just maybe just maybe, my donkey pals will be able to go too!! Roll out the red carpet here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donkey Love

Remember to keep your heart open and share that love with those who need you most and I will too!

Love to all and Spring is coming, I promise!


Photo credits: Madison Walder, Aileen Stevens and Helen Pennypacker Roda

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