Dear friends!!

How is everybody doing? We are doing great here at our Florida Division and Dad assures us Mount Joy division doing well too. I have been very proud of my horse pals and my humans too. It seems that everywhere I turn, there is progress being made on so many levels. It is a beautiful thing!

This week my best friend forever and ever, Two Jacks Wild and Mom decided to take a crack at some jumping. This is the FIRST time EVER that Jacks has done any jumping work so we are all so proud and hey, we have to start somewhere. Two Jacks Wild is going to be a star when he goes to Kentucky this year for the Retired Racehorse Project. What a proud moment that will be for him and all of us too! Mom is the trainer, so he’s in excellent hands.

Seems like only yesterday when I was watching Its Smarty Time take his first turn at the cross rails and he was a fast learner!

Speaking of It’s Smarty Time – well he’s jumping 3.5 meters and wow that is one muscled and scopy kid! His sire, Smarty Jones gave him good genes!

Oh my! He’s a champ!

At our Walder’s Way division in Mount Joy, there is a ton of progress going on around there! I could not be more proud!

One of our students, Allison, has really blossomed into an English rider. It was not long ago that she was at the walk in the riding ring and now she is making tremendous progress with her trot seat. She is riding pretty chestnut Quarter Horse Lainey who is helping Allison gain more experience and up to the next level. Kudos to Allison and her family is extremely proud of her. WE ARE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All In Rescue making HUGE progress!!

Aileen Stevens, Dad and Robin and many other generous humans are working very hard behind the scenes with the rescue horses AND preparing for the ultimate of evenings – The Equestrian Ball!! So many wonderful donations for the auction are pouring in and they are not to be missed. There is still time to get tickets and all you have to do is contact Aileen and she’ll make it happen!!


The Equestrian Ball hosted by All In Rescue, LLC, The proceeds will be to benefit their non-profit horse rescue.

When: Saturday, March 9th.

Event Location: The Barn at Stoner Commons at 605 Granite Run Drive, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Time:  6pm to 11 pm

What’s included: A live and silent auction, a four course meal, cash bar!!!

Cost: Individual tickets can be purchased for $100. Tables of four can be purchased for $350 and table of 8 can be purchased for $750.

How to get your ticket or to get more information:  Please send a message to the host of this event, Aileen Stevens at

Oh yes – Cocktail attire requested!!

Aileen is busy with the rescue horses all the time too. They get groomed, exercised, excellent medical and farrier care AND regular loved on time! She even gets them Massages with a professional massager!

Take a look!

Fresco has spirit and pep now! He’s had to overcome so much but after spending time at an equine hospital, he is now home and continuing on a solid path to feeling good in his health and his mindset. This is just such a reward and why we do it!

Fresco Exercising and Loving it!

Quinn, who is Perfect American (jockey club name) and a kid by Smarty Jones is very fond of a good roll in the mud, but even racing royalty must have grooming time like it or not! Then what’s not to like once the kisses start flowing!!! Me next PLEASE says Koenraad!!

What a gorgeous chestnut Quinn is too!


Who can resist these snooters!! Donkey Love!

Our friend Kristy is very busy too, but FINALLY she and her best pal Crystal and their horses Reve and Zoey had an outing at the Windsor barn together!!! A great horsey time and good to have some fun time with your horse. We totally get that Kristy and Crystal. You both work SO HARD taking care of things for us!

My horse pals and human pals are really making great strides in their daily activities. I know it’s hard sometimes to make the time to do the things you really want to do. You have priorities, responsibilities and goals to work on. We all do! Keep on keeping on with the progress! Set those goals, achieve them one step at a time and reward yourself along the way!

But along with all that good stuff, I am here to tell ya there is something to be said for getting a loving smooch from your best horse!!!! Love the Smooch!!

Luv ya!


Photo and Video Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Brandon, Aileen Stevens, Tess Flores, Tammy Barlett, Kristy P, Crystal T and Susan H.

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