Dear Friends!!
I hope you have been doing well no matter where you are in the world. If you’re up to your shoulders in snow or basking on the warm sands of a beach I hope you are happy.

We are doing very well here at our Walder’s Way division in Florida and for that we are very appreciative. Mom has put me to the test of my very first jump grid and my barn pals are practicing for their next set of goals too. A lot is going on and Mom is very busy.

But as busy as we are we always make time to share our appreciation for our friends, family and fans for all their love and support. Mom’s friend Brandon is one of those special friends for whom we are so grateful for. He drove my best pals down in the big truck with the big trailer and got everyone here safe and sound. I know It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild wanted trailer WI FI options so they could watch the horse races while they travelled, but maybe next time guys! Brandon always does his ultimate best with us and visits as often as he can. Not easy to do with working full time but he makes it work. Brandon you get our heartfelt HIGH HOOF SALUTE!

Speaking of jump grids…. I was so proud that Mom put me to the test. It’s a great start and I am really going to work hard to make my debut in the jumping arena SUPER SPECTACULAR! Wellington will never be the same!

Take a look and see!

So many ways we can show appreciation for those in our life that help us. My friends at Walder’s Way Mount Joy barn have been sharing with me a few of the ways, and it really tugs at my heart.

Crystal and Reve have a new life together:


Kristy spends time training our beautiful Sekaya! They love to go on the trail and enjoy the views along the way.

Molly the Jolly Unicorn shared with me that she loves her human, but being groomed after a good mud roll…. well…..we’ll leave that thought for another day!!

Admiration and love to the nth degree for Zoey and Kristy!

And then there are the “Twinsies!!” True friends sharing the work on a busy day!

Fresco is so glad to have a new life. Dad and Aileen Stevens are working with him and taking great care to show him a brand new world. Such a magnificent transformation will be his. Love to you Fresco!

Last but by no means, least…My dear friend Meatball had a little struggle in the past week and thankfully his doctor friends got him through. He had a lot of love and support to help get him through and his Mom ensured he had the best care too. We are so glad he’s back home enjoying the view once again.

Friends I am humbled with most exceptional appreciation for all the humans and barn pals that I have. Each step of our journey in life is a learning experience but also one we don’t do alone. There is always someone who crosses into our path that give us what we need when we need it. Always make time to remember and honor those who guide you with your goals and dreams and I will too!

Love ya!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Aileen Stevens, Crystal T, Kristy P, Zena, Brandon and Tess Flores!

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