Hi Friends!!

Oh Happy Day! My barn pals and peeps are able to get out and do some fun things on this bright sunshine Sunday!!! I know it’s been really cold up in Pennsylvania and we were glad to see the horses get out and have a good ride and enjoy the day. Hang on friends Spring is coming!

Mom and I enjoy our time here in Florida. She always has time for sunshine kisses. I have the coolest Mom on the planet too!!


Mom had some fantastic news this week too. My barn buddy Two Jacks Wild and she are Retired Racehorse Project approved! We are so proud of them and well – Two Jacks just trotted circles around It’s Smarty Time in the paddock. I must admit, It’s Smarty Time playing Mr. Cool in the paddock was TOO CUTE! Those two horse pals of mine sure have it going on though. I am so proud of both!


Both of those are no strangers to being family of Racing Royalty either as they both are related to distinguished equine champions. It’s Smarty Time hails from Dual Classic Winner Smarty Jones and Two Jacks Wild boasts being the son of famed Colonel John and being the grandson of Tiznow!!

Loyal fans send in treats ALL THE WAY TO FLORIDA!!!

Smarty And Squeezy Buns

Just can’t beat that It’s Smarty Time!!


Speaking of dual classic winner Smarty Jones – My Walder’s Way Family is taking great care of Perfect American – who is now with us and learning the ropes. We have high hopes that he may also join in with the lesson program. There is a lot of great potential there, so who says the sky has to be the limit! Son of a champion and with endless possibilities. His barn name is Quinn and he’s a stunner!

Our Kristy has been really busy too. She’s been helping our rescue pony Tink showcase her talents too and Tink is a standout!!! She trots and canters and well, she’s simply a great mover. We think that she’s going to be an exceptional pony. So much talent there.



I just love seeing my barn pals in Pennsylvania out enjoying life. Sabrina and Reve look fantastic. Reve was a horse also rescued and is now owned by our friend Crystal. Sabrina took a ride and they did very well together. Reve fits in so well with our barn family. Makes my heart so happy.


All In Rescue is busy too! Aileen Stevens is working on a huge shindig – an Equestrian Ball! The invitations are beautiful! This is an event that has some wonderful food, auction items, entertainment and more! We even have Mercedez Benz from Lancaster helping to sponsor the event too.

This is an opportunity to put on your fancy clothes and dressy shoes and have a night out and your support will mean so much to the rescue horses. People helping my brothers and sister is so important!!!


Horses like our Fresco who is being treated at a local equine hospital and getting better all the time. He was a rescue from a local auction and in very tough shape. He is now getting the care he needs and deserves.


My Donkey friends told me that they want to go to the Equestrian Ball too, but I am not sure if they will be allowed in or not. They did promise to dress for the occasion so maybe Aileen will give the ok? Hmmm we’ll see…..


It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks want to be on the red carpet too, but well they have work to do in Florida – another time perhaps guys! They tell me it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Smart aleks!


But if by chance, the donkey’s can get tickets for the event, Carmen is ready to support them with fashion tips – a little flower power goes a long way kids!


As for me – wherever Mom is I will be and I am happy with that. We work hard and always do our best and sometimes it’s not easy but we keep at it. Every day it is important to know that you will learn something new. It may be a big thing or it may be a little thing, but learning and growing just keeps making us all stronger!


Oh yes and Meatball says – “Think Spring!”


Give it your best everyone!! I will too!

Love ya!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Kristy Pollock, Aileen Stevens, Sabrina, Zena and Crystal

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