Hi Friends!

I am writing to you from Florida now – the sunshine state! We are close to Wellington and the Wellington Equestrian Festival! This is a really big deal and we are LOVING it! We had a good trip down. I had my OWN ride down with Johnson Horse Transport and they took very good care of me. Dad worried about how I would load as this was a huge first for me! Loading onto the big horse trailer behind my barn, walking past horses on the trailer I did not know and then I had to move up to the UPPER level! I know Dad was worried, but I had this Dad!! I sure did!

My barn pals – Carmen, Bonita, It’s Smarty Time and Two Jacks Wild travelled separately in a swanky rig too! Mom at the helm and they were off. Many thanks to Brandon for all his help in getting everyone safely there too. He really gave his all and boy were we so fortunate to have his help! Many heartfelt thanks to Dawn Newman too. She is It’s Smarty Time’s Mom and she let Smarty Time ride down with our pals in her trailer. Talk about riding in style!


We arrived and we were not even tired! We could not wait to get to our grassy paddocks! We have a beautiful barn with nice stalls too. What’s not to like friends!


Mom loves to tuck me in at night. That is so special too!

One of the very first things Mom did was to hang out our winter blankets!!! WHOA! We won’t need those in Florida!

We got settled in and Mom put us to work! We have to practice and practice – after all this is what we do! We are show horses and Mom is ensuring we are the best we can be!


And our sons of famous Thoroughbreds!

It’s Smarty Time is doing his jumping thing ever so beautifully! Son of Smarty Jones!

Two Jacks Wild is progressing in his training too! Gorgeous son of Tiznow!

Meanwhile back at our barn in Pennsylvania, our friend Zena and her horse Meatball wonder if we miss the SNOW! Hmmmm….. I’ll have to think about that one Zena. Um NO!

All is good back home. They’re brave and know how to deal with WINTER!!!

Nothing better than sunshine hugs from Mom though!

Robin told us about Reve!! Reve is Crystal’s new barn baby!!!! Apparently, right under our muzzles there was an OPERATION SURPRISE going on!! The barn peeps organized a GRAND REVEAL and surprised Crystal with a horse to love all her very own! Welcome Reve and way to go Barn Peeps!! Crystal is a special friend to us and works very hard around the barn to help us. We wanted to pay it forward and show her how much we appreciate all she does. Reve needed a new Mom too and well, it worked!!

A very loving and thoughtful group! Did I say our barn peeps are the BEST! They are THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

So much going on at our Pennsylvania barn, just so much. All In Horse Rescue has been busy. The rescue is the first part of helping, but then after the horse is here, there is a lot to do for upkeep and care. Aileen Stevens, Dad – Dr. Jeff Walder and Robin Walder have done so much to help horses and for that we are all grateful.

Aileen Stevens is very hands on and intent on teaching her horses good manners. Takes time and practice but it is well worth the effort!!

One of our rescues is a son of the famous racehorse Smarty Jones too. His racing name is Perfect American and we named him Quinn. He is now with us and we will be working with him and seeing what best potential is. He’s a lovely gelding and has a fun personality. I am so glad he is with us. A great addition to our barn!

We have two mini donkeys too. They are too sweet!!!! They even have their own teddy bear. Boy are they loved!

So we are off and running, cantering and trotting. We have a lot of work to do to get ready to compete at the Festival. It’s Smarty Time will be making his debut in the jumpers as will Bonita. Carmen is our seasoned pro so we look proudly to her for guidance.

And of course none of this would be possible without the love and support from all our family, friends and fans just like you to cheer us on and help us with our goals.

Our biggest fan and greatest teacher is our Mom – Madison Walder. Thanks to her we are going places we could only dream of before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned friends and remember, no matter where you are or how far you are you are always close in heart!!

Love ya!


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