Hi Friends!

I am having a great time this year so far. Much to do to get ready for our big trek to sunny Florida with Mom. And I am in the field with my HIGH HOOF for that and many other things too! Most notable being yet another rising STAR in our barn! Yes you heard it right, rising STAR! And I am not just talking about the STAR on Two Jack’s Wild’s forehead either, although there is something to be said for the beauty of that!

two jacks wild (2)

As many of you may know and for those who may not know, Mom is our everything here at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. She has the natural talent and magic touch to take even the most difficult challenge and mold it into a thing of beauty.

She works with horses from all backgrounds, breeds and temperaments and that is not always easy. The time she spends with us to help us learn and grow is valuable and necessary for our progression. She understands us better than we understand ourselves I think!

Two Jack’s Wild is the benefactor of Mom’s second to none training and tender compassion. Two Jack’s Wild is the son of champion Colonel John and grandson of two-time Breeder’s Cup winning grandsire, Tiznow. Tiznow came along at a time when our country was facing some uncertain times after 9/11. He gave us hope and inspiration and was America’s Horse.

Two Jack’s Wild’s hugely talented family is one that boasts of  multi graded stakes winners, huge lifetime earnings and a pedigree that would make most green with envy. However, with all that going for him his racing career was cut short due to injury. While not a life threatening injury it was important that his owner make a decision about his future. Two Jack’s arrived to Pennsylvania from Gulf Stream Park last year and shortly thereafter, his owner knew it was time to do right by the horse. And so he did.

Fortunately for Two Jack’s Wild he had a good owner who made the right choice and that choice was to contact Dad and see if we could take him! Upon receiving this fateful call,  Dad went right to the barn near Penn National Racecourse and knew without a doubt that Two Jack’s Wild would be part of our family.

And so this star in the making has been here recovering from his injury and getting used to life off the racetrack. Dad was and is so proud of him. Dad spent hours reviewing his racing replays and was especially impressed by the potential he saw in my new friend TJ. That’s my barn name for him – TJ.

Dad was devoted to his daily care. TJ came to love Dad dearly too. He loves DAD! It’s no surprise as we all do though. Dad, like our Mom, Madison knows horses and they both understand that we need love and attention. We are not just pasture statues but we have feelings and need that human touch.

TJ blossomed under Dad’s individualized care and then when it was time, Mom took over the reins to begin his training. Boy does he look good in the riding ring too. Mom works with him patiently and diligently each time out. She understands our fears and helps us overcome them in the right way. It’s not easy, but the work is well worth the effort.

It is our plan to see Two Jack’s Wild compete in the Retired Racehorse Project in Kentucky in the future. Though I am not a Thoroughbred, I can see how diversified the breed is. They are often bred to race, but when their racing days are over or perhaps they never made it to the track, the possibilities in any discipline from Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, Trail Riding, and even Therapy Horses are quite possible.

I am very proud of my brethren here at the barn. The work that Mom is doing with our Off The Track Thoroughbreds is superb. My pals It’s Smarty Time and Bonita are our other rising stars the’ll be the first to tell anyone, that MOM IS THE BEST!

My High Hoof Salute is most high for Mom, the work she does and her Thoroughbred students. They are in an elite class all their own. So be sure to keep your eyes open – amazing things are coming your way!


Wellington here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv YA!
Koenraad 🙂

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