Dear friends!

Whoa! The New Year is almost here!! Happy New Year 2019 to everyone!! Mom, Dad, Robin and the entire team at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center wish you the very best and also we want to thank you for being a special part of our barn family. You all have helped shape a most fantastic 2018 and we are all looking forward to what’s next in 2019 in our equestrian journey.

This year was a busy one!

We kept busy with lessons and had very successful camps, Tess Flores hosted some art events and we started a brand new horse rescue named All In Rescue!! We have trained horses, helped students with their goals and much more!

I am just so excited about everything!!


We are just so excited about the past year and what’s ahead too. Despite some pretty treacherous weather, we prevailed!!


We did not miss a beat!! Or a step!!


And of course my best friend Junior was out getting ribbons!!!!!!!!


My Little People Friends are literally flying with excitement too just as I am!


Mom and Junior had the Flag honors at the Lancaster Barnstormer Opener! That’s quite an honor!


Through our rescue efforts we helped and are helping many horses who otherwise would have had an uncertain future….


I had my hoof work done.


Ply me with treats say I and I will give you my hoof!

Dad works tirelessly day in and day out for us, his students and his family. It’s a big job and he’s up to the task and I give him the high hoof!

Dad started a new video series to educate owners and students and well anyone who wants to learn more about horses too. We’ll have more offerings in the Spring too. Dad is a natural in front of the camera!!


Robin is always very busy coordinating, scheduling, greeting new folks and doing everything possible to keep things running smoothly. And yes friends, she planned the BEST BIRTHDAY party EVER for me!!!!!!

Mom and It’s Smarty Time had a great year too. They work hard at perfecting their performance in the show ring and it just keeps getting better all the time!!! Way to go!!


It’s Smarty Time also gets these great photo shoots with his best friend Tess Flores!! He’s very charismatic! Lucky for him, Molly the Jolly Unicorn is ok with that!!!


Our friend Tess Flores is amazing though. She really is. She takes these gorgeous photos of the horses that make me swoon!!

It’s Smarty Time and Junior love massages too and there was some of that going on around here too!!! Our friend Kelsey to the task and she is great!!


There has also been a lot of love here at our barn. Lots of love, attention and good care. We are surely blessed!

Mom and It’s Smarty Time even received a very special gift from a loyal friend!!
How special is that!


Mom Graduated from High School! Woo hoo and onward and upward!! Congratulations and we are all so proud of you. Mom’s in college now and doing great and soon she’ll be heading to Florida for the winter to train her horses. There is so much to look forward to Mom!!

Madison Graduation Picture_2

Friends it’s been a fantastic year. We have had fun, lots of hard work, started new things, explored ideas, helped students with goals and dreams! We have a busy year going forward and we want everyone to know how much your support and friendship means to us. We hope you have a wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead in 2019 too!

Luv to all!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Kristy P, Crystal T, Aileen Stevens, Tess Flores, Tara Z Lutz, Autumn Bradley, Susan H, Beth H, Lancaster County Pet Magazine, , Zena S. and Sabrina D.

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