Whoa Friends!

How have things been going?? What’s going on Koenraad? I have been hearing that for weeks! I have been busy keeping an eye on things and that’s been a full time job. We have been busy busy busy here in the barn and will be more so in the days ahead. However, as we all know there is still only 24 hours in a day and that’s not going to change, so we have to prioritize!!! Kind of like Santa Claus, make the list and check it twice and in our case maybe 4 or 5 times until we get it just right! I am sure kicking heels here too!

Speaking of Santa… Peaches is over the hill and dale about Santa Claus coming to town! She’s teaming up with Santa and their best friend Tess Flores to host pictures with Peaches and Santa Claus!! Come one come all and have great fun!

Dates and Times:
December 15, 2018 – 10 am to 2 pm
December 22, 2018 – 10 am to 2 pm

Peaches is SO EXCITED and this is truly her favorite time of year. She LOVES the kiddos and gets to wear sleigh bells just like her friends the Reindeer do!!


For more information Tess Flores has created a lovely Facebook Event page that will give everyone all the information to be in the know! And who knows it might SNOW too! Very festive happenings!

Click here to go to Peaches and Santa Claus Pictures with Tess Flores on Facebook!

Mom has been working very hard too. She’s taking college classes, riding horses, taking care of the barn and getting ready to go to Florida so she can compete at the Wellington Equestrian Festival near Palm Beach. This is one hefty schedule, but even so – Mom make time for her friends. It’s all about balance and they know first hand about balance with the NO STIRRUPS NOVEMBER thing they’ve been doing!!


“Look Koenraad! No Stirrups!” Ha and then there was ONE Dad said.


Mom demonstrated to perfection! It’s all Balance!!! But I was amazed at all the effort and skill. Everyone did a great job and it was all fun. Still a little STEEL in the legs does not hurt!!!


We’ve had a very wet summer and now we’ve also had a storm that packed a wallop! Before that happened though, my gal pals Tess and Lainey hit the trails for a beautiful and picturesque ride in the trees and greenery before the white snow fell. Tess loved the ride and it’s like looking at Heaven on Earth through those pretty horsey ears. I must say I totally agree with that.

I think perhaps the big and bright news is that we added to the barn family in a special way. It’s Smarty Time is very happy that one of his relatives by his Dad, Smarty Jones will be coming here to Walder’s Way Equestrian Center once his quarantine is done.

We found out about a 7 year old gelding at an auction in New Jersey was available and needed a home. He is the same age as It’s Smarty Time and that’s just another thing that they have in common. Smarty hopes to meet him before he goes to Florida with Madison so it’s a very exciting and special time for him and well everyone! The new family member has a racing name of Perfect American. He’s an Off The Track Thoroughbred with a nice personality and really needed a home so our All IN Rescue team moved into action and with Aileen Stevens working her magic she bailed him out and he’s on the way to Mount Joy. He’ll have to do some quarantine first though before he comes to our main barn.

That’s our family and he’s ALL IN! Many heartfelt thanks to Aileen Stevens for arranging and paying the bail, and Mom and Dad for all that they do and will be doing now and in the future for Perfect American’s future. He’s well trained and he’ll be well loved here.


Helping others is the cornerstone of what we do here. Be it riding lessons, providing a boarding home, offering advice, training, sales and saving a life. In the words of our friend and All In Rescue owner. Aileen – ” We couldn’t let a family member go.” Friends, I think that sums it up nicely – we do for family and we don’t let go. I am going to remember that as we transition to our Winter home in Florida. We might be changing to another stall, but the bigger picture is that we are family and distance and time do not separate us! So keep that in mind as you face change and we will too. Change only helps us to learn and grow!

Please join us to welcome Perfect American into the fold and we are so happy that he’ll soon be here. And the best part is Smarty Jones will becoming to Annville next month too so everyone will be close by!

Keep up the good work in school, enjoy your time with family and try not to eat too much this week!

Luv ya!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Cranbury Auction House, NJ, Tess Flores

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