Hi Friends!!

Happy Halloween and I hope you are enjoying warming up! We’ve been thinking about sunny days here and as you can see my dear piggle friends, Oliver and Olivia are no exception! They’ve been basking in the Pennsylvania rays!!

Speaking of “warming up”, Mom and I have been working the lunge line and I sure do love to show her my best theatrics!! Somehow I think she’d rather I keep to task, but I am SO EXCITED about my upcoming trip to Florida and seeing all the sights that Wellington Equestrian Festival has to offer!

Friends I am FLYING!!!!!!!!


I do come in for a landing, but thinking about that great Florida sunshine just warms me up!


Mom will tell me to “TERRRROOOOOTTTT Trot! Come on Koenraad” and then I know I have to get to business. It’s more fun to FLY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a wonderful and fantastic Open House and Halloweening party at the barn last Sunday (October 28th). So much fun and the kids and Moms and Dads had a good time. The costumes were amazing and our friend Tess Flores was there sharing her artistry that really was exceptional! Unicorns, horses and all kinds of neat paints on the faces! The kiddos were adorable!!!


Dad and Robin took a trip to Florida to do the preparations for our new barn. Setting up a new barn is exhilarating!! Robin is a master at organization, timing, budgeting, research and all the talent it takes to get the wheels in motion for our arrival. Dad tells me that he expects to be down there prior to the start of the festival so we have time to get our hooves used to the new place. This will be my first winter that will be like a summer. Wow, sunshine all year long! Envision it friends!! It might be a tough adjustment, well not so tough.. WHOA

A couple of pictures of our new place:

Florida Division BarnFlorida Division Barn2 

Robin said it was very cloudy there.

atmosphere background beautiful blue

Hmmmmm blue skies and clouds? That’s a tough life for sure… not really!

If anyone is interested in boarding here in Mount Joy for the winter season, please send Robin and Dad a message!! They’re on Facebook and with 5 horses going to Florida we will have some open stalls! AND we’ll have 3 open stalls in Florida too, so if anyone is heading down to Wellington to show for the season, that’s an opportunity too!

Mom’s a Triple Performance representative now too! She’ll be their brand new Florida representative. I am so proud of Mom, she’ll be great at this!

If you need supplements for your horse, Mom can give you a lot of tips and information and how great Triple Performance has worked for us!!


New Service offered!

Laser therapy for horses! We are now offering 3 B Laser technology. For more information about this therapy please contact Dad. Dad will travel to your location to help you with this type therapy for your horse.

Laser Therapy helps to aid in the healing process for certain types of injuries that can occur with performance horses and even for horses that are pasture pets. Goodness knows with even lesson horses, hunter/jumpers, dressage horses and even horses on the trail we can all have the potential to have injuries need of repair. We can also suffer from simple wounds or inflammation too and that’s another use for laser therapy to help us feel better. There are a host of uses for laser technology to deal with ailments that horses can have.

I mentioned to Dad that it might be a good topic for his next Stable Talk video series, so stay tuned. But do remember if you want to talk about heat differentials and much more as it relates to laser therapy, contact my Dad, Dr. Jeff Walder and he’ll be happy to help you help your horse. That’s what it is all about!

All In Rescue news!!!


Wow but Aileen Stevens initiated a call for help! There was a beautiful grey Percheron that needed help and needed it fast. Aileen was on the spot in no time at all and sent out the rally cry for support!! She got it and then some and our friend got her Freedom Ride AND A BRAND NEW HOME!!!

All In Rescue Grey

Her new owner has just the job for her too and in addition to being loved on and cherished, she’ll be a dynamic carriage horse and look so beautiful doing it. After time to get used to her new surroundings she’ll have a brand new loving home and a purposeful life too. We are so happy and many thanks to Aileen for organizing this rescue and to the peeps who gave funds for the Freedom Ride.

REscue All in

Just is so special to see and thank you to everyone. Saving a life is worth it.

Peaches and Santa!!

Peaches just finished up with Halloweening, but she is really looking forward to her special friend Santa Claus coming to town!! She looks forward to being Santa’s helper each year too. Such a sweetheart!

Peaches told me that Santa is coming to Mount Joy, Pennsylvania on a very special mission! She said he is going to help her with photos!! So if you want your very own photo session with Santa Claus and Peaches, you want to be here at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center!! She said he’ll be here on:

December 15th and December 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa does have to get feed funds for the reindeer so they’ll be able to fly on Christmas Eve so you can help him out by getting your photo session with him and Peaches and you get your picture ON THE SPOT!

Come see Santa and Peach and get your on the spot 4×6 printed photo for just $10 or 2 photos for $15!!! Or get them Framed 1 for $15 or 2 for $20!!!!

Santa will be stopping in at 10:00 and departing at 2:00pm so don’t miss out!!!!!

Come one come all!!!


When I am warming up for my rides, or my lunges or just hanging out in the stalls with Junior, I always keep a warm heart. Warming up our hearts is a most wonderful thing. When you are feeling good and of a good mind, then you are able to take on the challenges and deal with things that can come up in life so much easier. Sometimes things may not go the way we expected and we might have to step back and think about that, but if your heart is warm and you are open to the lesson, then you can keep moving forward.

I see this all the time friends. Our rescues some of them have been through a lot but then we work our magic hooves and the light comes shining in and the transformation begins. It’s wonderful to be a part of that and share the good things that are going on and the potential for more.

Life might get a little cloudy sometimes, but if you look, you’ll warm up as you see the sunshine!!!

Stay tuned, because the very best is always yet to come!!!!!!!!

Love ya!





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