Hi Friends!

Whoa! I have been pretty busy getting ready for my big move!! Yes you’re hearing it right, MOVE! Mom and I are heading to Wellington for the 2018 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and the Global Dressage Festival (GDF) held at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC)! We’re still in the process of firming up our plans but we have our Florida barn all set and it’s ours in a few short weeks. Mom is going to train me in the beautiful Florida sunshine and we can hardly wait. Closer to the time, I’ll share more but just know your friend Koenraad will be writing to you from the Sunshine State this winter! WHOA! What a great thing too!!


My best mare friend in the barn Carmen has been there before with Mom and they had a GREAT TIME! Of course Junior knows the ropes too, but he’ll be staying here at our Mount Joy division of Walder’s Way Equestrian Center helping Dad and Robin manage things. That’s a big job, but I’ve trained Junior well and he’s no stranger to taking on tasks never seen or done before and taking the horse shoe and running with it so the peeps here are in good hooves!

Junior has a big job ahead, but friends he’s got this all the way!


He’s been pretty nonchalant about it, but he’s a true leader!

It’s a wonderful opportunity and I’ll share more very soon. We are ALL SO EXCITED!!!

Something else that we are proud of and excited to share it the HUGE SUCCESS of our very first Adult Day Camp! Whoa but we learned a lot and had SO MUCH FUN!!!

My Dad and Mom taught the peeps about horsemanship and so much more. They also learned how to set up a jump grid. Very important stuff! Dad was very intent to educate about the importance of caring for the horse and the relationship you have with the horse. It’s much more than putting on a saddle and off you go. There is so much more to riding than just that.

Learning about equines takes some thought and years of practice but it’s a learning process. It’s hard to learn it all in a day, or a week, but getting the big picture is what counts and then you can focus on the day to day that is at the heart of it.

You will know your horse and yourself and in time, you’ll have so much experience to draw from. Each horse is different much like each human is different. It was great for experienced riders and riders starting out too. Win win for all but also for the horses. We love all that extra attention!

Check out all the fun in our pictures!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New Faces in the barn!

Friends we also welcome Sami and Opie!!! These two beauties are in training and will be part of our lesson program with our students in the future when the time is right! They are quick learners and love kids so we are so glad to have them in our wonderful barn family!

Our Sweet Sami pony!!!!!

Opie!  Our Beautiful Warmblood!


All In Rescue Update!!


Tara and Portia extend a heartfelt invite for High Tea!! Whoa and tea with the best of Lancaster County does not get any better than that. Proceeds will benefit All In Rescue and other organizations too.

The High Tea event will be hosted at LCCTC Mount Joy campus on October 16th and supports rescue and adoption month!!! Part of the proceeds will help our friends at Pet pantry, SPCA, All In Rescue and the Vet Program from Willow Street. Reservations are encouraged by calling 717-653-3000. Spaces are limited friends so if you want to have a good time and also help out those in need of a home make that call for a reservation and come to the event!

More information about LCCTC High Tea and seating times can be found by clicking the link below:

HIGH TEA AT LCCTC Mount Joy Campus

Making friends is a lifelong journey and one of the best parts of life and that is certainly very true here in my barn. This week we made some very special connections at Adult Day Camp and look forward to forging new friendships at events for All In Rescue and with our new chapter in our Wellington, Florida based operations.

Mom sums it up the best of all – “This is How We Do It!!” I love that she says that.  Sometimes we might never know what life is going to put in our paths, but when we have a friend in our corner or by our side, we can really roll! 

Stay tuned friends – the best is yet to come!!!



Love ya!

Many many thanks to the support of our friends and their beautiful photographs: Dr. Jeff Walder, Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Helen Venesky, Crystal Tyner, Tess Flores, Aileen Stevens, Kristy Pollock, Tara Zhookhoff-Lutz

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