Hi Friends!!

We are enjoying our time in the barn in between the rain drops as of late. Little sun here, little sun there and a bunch of rain drops! The rain does not slow us down though. This week, Junior, It’s Smarty Time, and myself welcomed a new chap named Opie to the barn!! Our dynamic trio is now a Fabulous Four! We are so excited to have this new guy join the ranks. Another face at the barn always brings a smile to our face.

Meet Opie!


Spectacular Dutch Warm Blood with a bit of Thoroughbred in his family line. And how about that striking white BLAZE!!! Gee I think he’s simply gorgeous!!

Opie is going to learn and become familiar with the barn ways of life and all that goes with it. Mom and Dad will be taking good care to teach him well. We think he’s pretty amazing and like me a real show stopper in the looks department. Just does not get any better than that!


What a handsome profile!!

Our other new kid on the barn patio is Maximus!! Aileen Stevens is his Mom and he’s is just TOO CUTE!!! He is also a HUGE FAN of Little People too!! I think he and Molly the Jolly Unicorn have a lot in common that way!

Maximus and Heidi

Just so sweet!!

Max on the left, Molly on the right! Whoa but a beautiful pair!!!

With a Unicorn on your side you just cannot go wrong!


Life is pretty special with horses, but with a Unicorn, it’s so ULTRA!!!!!!!!

In the barn we are always building on the future. Working on what’s next and how can we make it work is the theme we are very familiar with and we keep making progress at each step. We know that it may not always happen overnight, but with good solid effort and keeping in mind the possibilities we have helps us to keep moving forward.

We see this with our new kids on the barn patio. We see the possibilities in them and the grand potential of what can be and then we get to work!!! It never ceases to amaze Mom, Dad and well everyone at what can happen when you have a dream and work on making it reality. It might take some time, but the rewards can be endless and so well worth it!

Remember to keep trying and you have the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams.


KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Koenraad!!!! 🙂

Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Kristy Pollock, Aileen Stevens and the camera crew

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