Hello dear friends!

Ready or not, Fall is here!! This is a great time of year too. The heat of summer is dwindling, there are hopefully less flies and our winter coat is starting to show signs of life. It’s a time of change as we shift from one season to another and yet still so much to look forward to!

Speaking of change, I have now received my Big Boy shoes!! It’s official, I have now graduated from baby steps to big boy steps and I am stepping in style now! My Mom Madison was just so proud. She said I was SO GOOD for the farrier and that just made my day, and I am sure everyone else’s too. We all know I like to enjoy my young man pranks! Another transition in my growing up journey. I know no matter my age or how tall I become, I will always be my Mom’s “Baby Keonraad”.

Dad’s been pretty busy too. Changing the barn from one season to another means new tasks to start to get ready for winter. He also hopes that all the horse peeps take heed and to help everyone out, Dad created this video for his Stable Talks Series on this very subject. In case you had not had a chance to watch, I am including it here.

Dr. Jeff Walder – Preparing for your horse for Fall and Winter

Meatball tells me that there is something very special planned in October too!


Meatball tells me that our Robin has been really busy on the farm too! Lots of planning and organizing, meeting new students and boarders and getting ready for our FIRST ADULT DAY CAMP!

This is a brand new camp designed to share information for the adult rider and those who may be considering riding or owning a horse or are already horse owners.

Save the dates: October 1st through the 4th and from 9 am to 2 pm. Just perfect for Moms who have little ones in school too!! So if you are interested, head over to our Walder’s Way Equestrian Center’s Facebook page and send Robin a private message and she will be happy to answer any questions!

Another huge first on the farm too. Our little people Dad had his first ride aboard Molly the Jolly Unicorn! It was special and a day to remember. Molly just beamed and well we all did!!! Way to go GIO!!!!! He’s another up and coming equestrian and looks very comfortable in the saddle!!!


Molly and Nevaeh simply beamed!!!!!!!!! It was a great day!!!!!!!!!

Addie and Jazzy were working on their showring style too. Dad said they did a really good job too!! High hoof Addie and Jazzy!


Lainey and Kristy are doing the Fall trails too. They love those rides!!!


Mom and It’s Smarty Time are back on the work tab once again. They did well at the Swan Lake Stables horse show and they’re continuing their work on form. It’s Smarty Time said he’s enjoying feeling so supple. Mom give him some instructions on Dressage too. Dad calls them the Dynamic Duo. I think so too. Add me into the mix and we are a TRIO! There is not anything Mom can’t do with horses. She is so talented and I look forward to learning more and more. We get our best potential working with Mom and she is second to none!!  Looking good there Mom!


Kristy and Zoey are trotting into Fall too. They make a great team and are having fun getting to know each other. Very classy ladies!!


Meatball also told me that our Peaches was telling everyone to be VERY GOOD!!! She said that Santa Claus is coming to town in the not too distant future so be watching!!! This is the favorite time of year for Peaches. She loves her job with Santa and she’s so sweet and  special. She just LOVES spending time with Santa Claus!!


Junior said he’s definitely being good and watching!


Our beautiful mare friend Portia has been watching and she even has her red BOWS in her mane too!!! Whoa now that is so stylish!!

Fall is a good time of year. Our thoughts turn to pumpkin and spice and apples and cinnamon and well all things warm and cozy.


Take time to prepare your barn, prepare yourself and more importantly prepare your horse as Dr. Jeff wisely advises us.

And it’s ok to have a little fun too while we’re FLYING in to FALL!!!


Always do your best, count your blessings and make sure to be good!!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad 🙂

Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Zena Schwartz, and Kristy Pollock


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