Hi Friends!!!

I hope ALL IS GOOD with everyone since my last writing. The picture above tells the story. My barn peeps have been in a flurry of activity. They have been working hard on the barn, in the barn outside the barn and beyond!!! I am reveling in the barn about everything that I see. The barn is as clean as clean can be and not a cobweb in sight. I am so relieved because Junior is terribly afraid of cobwebs, but it’s our little secret. Fortunately for him and me they’re long gone!!

Our barn friends have been working hard on their jumps and equitation skills. Junior was so proud of Autumn and Sol RAVED about Sabrina and Sarge has a huge heart for Kristen and well It’s Smarty Time always out to impress Bonita just absolutely LOVES Mom. Well we all do, especially me. But I do have to let It’s Smarty Time, Bonita and Carmen, share in the bragging rights. All the horses love their riders and that is a sweet thing.

So you may be wondering why all the practicing. The peeps and horses were at Swan Lake Stables Fall show. They gave it their all and did their best and brought home ribbons for all to see.

A few pictures from the show:

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Fun for sure and more experience gained. Dad worked hard making sure everyone was in place and things were just right. He really does a great job as our leader!

IMG_4366 (2)

Mom and It’s Smarty Time had a very special presentation from their friend Bella. Bella created a beautiful masterpiece for them. It was a painting of It’s Smarty Time when he was a racehorse. They were amazed and we all thought it was such a thoughtful thing to do. Way Cool Bella and THANK YOU from the bottom and tops of all our hearts!


And my pal Meatball, does not miss ONE THING!


According to Meatball, while I was in the pasture and my pals and peeps were at the horse show there was a little party going on around here!! A UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY! AND WITH CUPCAKES!! This was a special day because not only the Unicorn had a birthday but her little Mom too! Happy Birthday Molly and Nevaeh!


No party is a party unless it has little people there too!! Yay for the Little People!!!!!


Again, the peeps did a fabulous job on the cleaning of the barn! I am just like WOW so impressed!!

Meatball also told me it was a good thing we have a SPA here at Walder’s Way because our very BEST gal pal had a thing for MUD BATHS!! So she rolls in the pasture and then gets her SPA time with her Mom Tara. We think she just wants to hang out longer with her Mom, and that’s ok with us!


She’s very pretty and sure cleans up nice though!!


Then not too long ago, Mom, Dad, Robin, Zena, Sabrina, Helen and quite a few others were celebrating and having fun at a POLO Match!! I am sure Bonita would have loved to join, but she was here at the barn with me. They were having fun and raising FUNDING for our ALL IN Horse Rescue! They had a nice raffle and some gifts and thoughtful generous people donated to help the horses. Very worthwhile endeavor as equine lives are being saved and given purpose. Everyone needs to feel loved, safe and have a purpose and that is exactly what we are about. Mom even had the opportunity to throw out the first ball!

I’ll be sharing more about ALL IN Horse Rescue as it’s a very special thing and dear to my heart so stay tuned, I’ll have much more to come your way soon.

We also have a couple of new faces around the barn too. New boarders and new barn family members!!!

Kristy has Zoey!! She’s an Off The Track Thoroughbred and her racing name was Virginia Jennie. She was interested in a new career off the track and found her way to Kristy’s heart. They have been inseparable and I love to watch them each day at the barn! Welcome Zoey!

And not only that but we have a new man in town!! He is Aileen’s new barn baby and he’s gorgeous. Young fella yet but is growing and learning. I hope to see him in the riding ring in a year or so. He’ll be watching ME in the meantime!!

Dad likes him too. They hang out and swap barn stories in the pasture. Hmmm I wonder what he’s telling Dad!!

And of course between the horse shows, polo matches and birthday parties, the little people keep working on their horsemanship skills too. They too have their eyes on the show ring and want to be just like Madison. That’s a very noble goal!!!

And of course, last and certainly not the least….

My best pal Junior! He’s so amazing. He does English, Western, Eventing, Show Jumping, Trails and earn ribbons beyond all imagination and still has time and professional bravado to take care of the Flag duties with Mom at the Barnstormers game in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This horse’s resume is so daunting I get dizzy at the thoughts of all the talents he has. And of course with Mom aboard coaching and guiding each step of the way. Junior we give you the official HIGH HOOF SALUTE!! And thank you for honoring our country’s flag with your proud care.

WW Serenity

We have much to look forward to and as the sun sets on my wonderful barn and barn family, we take stock in knowing we have friends who care and that at the end of the day, it is what really counts.


Peace, serenity and lots of LUV!

Koenraad 🙂


Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Crystal Tyner, Tess Flores, Sabrina Drouillard, Kristy Pollock , Tara Zhookoff-Lutz, Autumn Bradley, Aileen Stevens and the camera crew!

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