Hello Friends!!

Whoa, but it has been a very busy and rainy week! Rain and more rain in the forecast too. When the storms first came on August 31st (yes I know the calendar!) I thought Junior was running the bath water in the barn to overflow onto the paddocks and outdoor ring, but he assured me that was not the case!


What a deluge, but Junior said it was NOT the bathwater run off!!! Oh my the skies opened up and we all scrambled into our stalls for relief. Many thanks to Mom, Dad, Kristy, Zena and all the humans who got us to safety just in the nick of time! This was amazing to see all those raindrops from my stall window! Finally it stopped and we returned to normal but we have been getting some rain today too and hoping it stops soon!!

So to take out minds off the weather our dear talented and most artistic friend Tess Flores, brought some joy into our lives!!  We hope you all enjoy these Equine Masterpieces!


Our Paddock Leader – El Sur


The Grand Mare – Tory!


Walder’s Way Sweetheart – Jazzy


A Beautiful Unicorn!


Little Peaches and Whistlin Dixie!


Mom with Bluemoon and El Sur!


It’s Smarty Time!

Thank you Tess for bringing us some light on the rainy days. You lift our spirits by showcasing our beauty. Our power lies beneath!

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a horse with a kind knowing eye and majestic stance to memorize your soul!!!!!!

Love Ya!




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