Hey Friends!!!

I sure hope you’ve been enjoying life and staying cool. We’re in the middle of another hot spell here on the farm, but we still find ways to find keep cool. Oftentimes we’re so busy, that the time just goes by soooooo faaasssttt and we don’t have time to worry about the heat of summer. In fact, things are really heating up in other powerful and rewarding ways…

First I’d like to share that Mom took a measurement of how “big” I am and it seems I am about 17 hands! Whoa that is really cool! I am BIG and TALL and King of the North! I am living up to my nick name. Mom was so proud so she shared the official measure!!!


My baby picture above is cute, but I am a big dood now!!!


I like being TALL!!!!!!


Robin, Dad, Aileen, and many many supporters have been working hard to help make a difference for our new All In Rescue!! This is our 501(c)3 rescue and if you want to help the horses we have taken in through the rescue, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!! Help can come in the form of many ways as a volunteer, barn helper, sponsoring horses or helping with the finances of their care, fundraising, and much more!! Recent fundraising has been fun and successful – POWERFUL REWARDS for horses in need!

Our friend Shea Stevens, likes to join up with Peaches and that is really cool. He’s a local area dentist and he is out there front and center helping support the rescue at a recent Coffee and Car event held in Lancaster!!! Thank you so much for all you do!! Peaches too. There is POWER in a mini!! I think they make a great team!  They are definitely ALL IN!

There is something to be said about the Powerful Rewards of just being friends. We see the bonds out in the pasture each day.  It is very comforting to have a friend to lean on.


Dixie and Peaches have known that for a long time now. They’re best buds!


My little people friends told me all about friends they made at a recent beach trip to Assateague Island!  Some power bonding at the beach too!!!


My little people friends tell me that their new beach friends just love the ocean! I can see why!


My Best Friend Forever, Miss Molly The Jolly Unicorn shared that the riding ventures with her Mom Tess are some of the best times ever! Eclectic Mane Styling reigns supreme says Molly!!!!!! She’s a beauty in her windswept look!



It’s Smarty Time wears his “Snooter” look so proudly. He even has his own “Snooter Patrol” and that’s a REAL POWERFUL REWARD! Not every horse can proclaim to have his own “Snooter Patrol”!!! WHOA!!


Friends whether, you are big like me or small like I used to be, there is a powerful reward in just being who you are and being the best you can be. Always remember that.

Love ya!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Aileen Stevens and Madison Walder

Special thanks to Shea Stevens and all the supporters who came to the Lancaster Coffee and Cars fundraisers and donated funding and time toward the care of the horses in ALL IN RESCUE. In addition, heartfelt thanks to those who stopped by our Walders Way Equestrian Center / All In Rescue, Inc. booth at the Elizabethtown Fair to donate support and participate in the raffle fundraisers.



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