Dear friends!

This week caused me to reflect quite a lot. In the world which is vast and large I learned that we lost a great Queen of Soul. Someone you most assuredly know of – Aretha Franklin. Here in the barn we thought long and hard about that. She was prolific in her quest to share her talent and did so with class. One song that remains firmly etched in our minds is ‘Respect’. It is something we all want, something we all need and something we all deserve. She launched a brilliant career that gave so much to so many and with the foundation of that special song ‘Respect’ so strong.

Another dear friend of mine, told me once that she respects the power of the horse. Yes I would agree, we do have power, and humans have the power to bring out the best in us! For that I am grateful. My own Mom, Madison does precisely that. There is much to share about the work that Mom and I do and she is my lifelong teacher, and yet, she still has so much to share with other horses who come from all backgrounds and situations. She gently and confidently teaches them to understand what is being asked of them without putting their dignity in jeopardy. This is a true delicate balance as they learn to respect her as she respects them. It is a gift.

Sadie and Mom – learning the jump! This is a huge milestone in training for them. Love and Respect hand and hoof.

Our last Kids Camp for the season was a huge success!! The kids learned about horsemanship and care of horses. There were games too, but the kids learned about the importance of the right way to approach horses in all aspect of their care and most respectfully so!

Some special moments:

Our friend Tara has new beautiful Portia Ophelia Marie in her life!! The stunning mare was a rescue saved by Tara and they have developed a most treasured bond. Portia resides here on the farm and I take every opportunity to peek out of my stall at her loveliness!! Oh how gorgeous she is!! True bond, true love! Congratulations to Tara and her precious mare.

Dad launched a brand new Video Series!!! It’s called Stable Talks with Dr. Jeff Walder!! Respect the needs of your horse he tells us!

I am so proud of my Dad. He’ll be sharing his thoughts and experience with audiences around the globe about Equestrian related topics and more. The proper use of equipment with horses is his first topic. That’s huge and it is important for the rider to know how to use equipment in the right way and be able to adjust as necessary. In case you missed it, the series has it’s own page on this website and of course the video is here below, just click and listen. So much good information!


My friends Zena Schwartz and Meatball.

 It’s clear to me, love and respect is strong here!! You two are certainly blessed! We love you!

My Little People friends shared this with me too. They learned about the beauty of nature. When they are not at the barn, they are continually learning new and exciting things. I love that the share their adventures!!!  How precious is this!


Sabrina and Molly the Jolly Unicorn spent some quality time together too. They love new adventures but Sabrina always has enough time and love for Sol too!! He’s one big handsome fella too!

The joy of a good massage! Now that’s love for you!!! Our dear friend and Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Kelsey Haldeman worked wonders on It’s Smarty Time and Junior. Oh how they loved that!!!

A video glimpse of their massage:

The beauty of friendship is a scene to behold any day  anytime!!

Our barn is a close knit team. I feel fortunate to be here learning with Mom, watching everyone around us doing their best and staying the course with their training or whatever it is that they are trying to achieve. We are all unique and that in itself is a most endearing thing. The privilege of our lifetime is to be just that – ourselves. I know that sometimes I can be challenging, and Mom will patiently guide me to a place where I am ready to be open to the lesson. Friends that is just it – be open to the lesson, respect yourself and respect others in life. I know I am only 3 years old and have much to learn, but I do know that when I am open to the lesson, I am just about ready for anything and that’s makes us all happy!!!

Take the right road and although it might seem long, the journey is well worth it!

Love ya!


Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tammy Bartlett, Lancaster County Pet magazine, Kristy Pollock, Sabrina Drouillard, Tara Zhookoff-Lutz, Tess Flores, and Susan

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