Hi Friends!!

I hope that you are having a great summer! Soon the kids will be back in school, but before that happens, we’ll have one more summer camp this week! Whoa and I can hardly wait!! This year so far we had not one, but two kids horse camps and boy was that fun! Monday, August 6th will wrap up the summer camps for the kids and then we’ll be introducing 2 brand new Adult camps in the Fall!! Big doings!

A few pictures from previous camps. Oh the fun we had!

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I have also been working with Mom on a few things too! We have been working on my jumping skills. I do know how to jump, in fact I am quite good at it. I can prance, jump and raise up by hi ho Silver hooves but Mom wants me to do jumps that take me over cross rails and fence grids! Bring it on I say!

My barn pals have been busy too. Riding lessons, grooming, hanging out in the pasture and sharing secrets with me. Junior tells me that my camera crew has been working with him to learn Dressage. Yes, friends you heard from me, Dressage. Junior is the wonder horse in the barn, he can to it all. Champion jumper, trails, hunters, equitation and Dressage! Now that’s pretty special friends and to know he’s helping a friend of mine learn something new, well I say give ’em the high hoof salute! Practice, practice and more practice, and Junior said the treats are pretty yummy too. Smiles all around!


Mom, Dad, Robin, our friend Aileen, Kristy and other behind the scenes helpers have been involved in a very special project too. We are proud to announce the All In Rescue!! This is our brand new 501(c)3 rescue that we have started to help some of my brothers and sisters who through no fault of their own have found themselves in some pretty difficult circumstances. Not all horses have the good homes that they deserve, so we are ALL IN to help the horses we can achieve a the good life.

Freedom rides as Aileen puts it. This is a noble thing and we’re glad to be able to help those without a voice. More to come on that so stay tuned. A true team effort!


One of our new rescues – she’s an Arabian beauty! She is now in her new home at our new satellite barn in Windsor, PA. This barn is a short distance from our Main Barn in Mount Joy and enables us to expand our operations.

And my pal It’s Smarty Time has been working with Mom too. He’s jumping pretty high now and it seems like yesterday when he was trying out the cross rail for the very first time. He came a long way in a short time and with Mom’s help he’ll continue his path to excellence!

Baby Steps!


He was a cute foal baby too!!


We love to watch all the summer fun.

We really love it when our people come to see us and give us lots of hugs and kisses too!!! Molly the Jolly Unicorn gets a bunch!


This has been our busiest summer ever. We’ve been setting goals, working on our personal best and encouraging our friends too!!! My barn friends have been very diligent about personal goals and the strides they have made in achieving them, leaves me awestruck! This is inspiring to me as I am learning something new. I want to be the show horse my Mom knows I can be. I know this is something I can to and I want to do. In time and with some effort, I will!!!

Make time to do what makes you happy!!


Love ya!


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