Dear friends!

We have had another busy week on the farm. The big question I am asking all my barn pals is “What’s Your Sign!”. I have been getting many answers and they all agree that the signs mean a lot. First time ever to have a sign! Wow and that’s a really big deal.

The roving camera crew set out to get some photos for me so I could share. Snooter land for sure! Signs and Snooters!!! All shapes and sizes and probably too many varieties to count but we captured a few…

I was in there a few times too!

Oh the signs!!

And a few more!

Now that’s a very pretty one!


And they even found Snooters and Snooters!

So what’s up with the signs? Quite a lot. They represent so much more than a name. Behind the sign are my friends and seeing and knowing that they have their very own sign means that someone CARES!! They have someone who cares. What a statement. So I see those signs as signs of love and caring. Just so wonderful.

So when Mom comes back from her mini vacation I am going to tell her that I was a good boy. I had my hooves done and I was a really really good boy!


I know she loves me, she truly does, but Mom I want a sign too!!

Snooter and signs. Take time to notice the things in life that have meaning. Robin was telling me about her signs too. She said that it is those little things that count. They really do. Take time to notice those things because they really are the things that matter.


Luv ya!


Photo credits: Aileen Stevens and the camera crew

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