Hi Friends!!!

Summer is rolling right along and now we are getting close to mid July!  The barn is bustling with lessons, preparing for another horse camp and Dad has a second barn location he is managing too. So we’re really busy as busy can be. That’s all part of running a barn and here at Walder’s Way we are known for being the best at what we do. Mom and Dad put in hours and hours of work behind the scenes so that we can do our best and be our best. That’s what it is all about friends, you have to put the time in no matter what it is that you want to do and to be good at it, you have to give it your all!! Mom is always helping me and guiding me to learn my lessons and learn them well. I try my best and I also like to have a little fun along the way but I know that being the best, takes a lot of time, effort and energy.

My best pal It’s Smarty Time and his gal pal, Bonita travelled with Mom and Dad to Windurra Farm the other day to put in some solid practice time. Mom in the irons of course and those two barn pals of mine just went SWOOOOSH over those jumps! Of course being at Boyd Martin’s Windurra Farm is a wonderful opportunity to experience a world class operation with regulation jumps and great footing.  We have here at our barn too, but it’s always good to practice in other places. Good preparation for outside venues when we go to horse shows. It’s Smarty Time told me that he and Bonita had the cleanest jumps! Wow that’s like perfect!!


The quest to be the best is not easy. We have to work hard, plan well and execute our plan. Sometimes things don’t always go the way we think so you have to plan for that too and being flexible sure helps. Mom probably feels that way when we are training and I feel like letting my mane down and doing some playtime! “KOENRAAD! FORWARD!!” I hear that every now and then…tee hee….



Ok Mom, I get it and I promise to be good!


Bonita is a superstar fast Thoroughbred and she gives her all every time! She really has the moves down! I think It’s Smarty Time is quite smitten with her too, but we’ll save that for another story!


The old adage practice makes perfect certainly applies. But also having the support and experience from friends and others on your team goes a long way too. When It’s Smarty Time and Bonita got back the barn, they had the benefit of spending some down time with Junior. Junior is a strong and resilient champion Jumper and he has been all over the country with Mom and won Blue ribbons galore.

Thanks Junior for being that oh so special Mentor! How we love you!


Work hard, put the time in and do what it takes to be your best. Your friends will admire you for it!


So will I!

Luv ya!



Photo credits: Robin Walder, Jeff Walder, Kristy Pollock




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