Hello Friends!

I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far! We’ve been in a heat wave, but even so it’s still better than freezing!! I love to be out in my paddock grazing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of my barn life. This past week was no exception. I was witness to some pretty wonderful achievements!!! Mom will tell me to move forward. I think I get that, but I love to show her that I am playful and I love to change things up a bit. I know Mom wants me to learn, but I think like most 3 year old Dutch Warmbloods, we are in our minds a playful foal at heart. Whoa!

Koenraad as a foal with his Dam

Oh yes those were the days running around with my Mom!!! I am pretty filled out now and a big boy, but even then the goals I had are the goals I have now too. Being the best I can be, follow my Mom’s plan and guidance and enjoying my achievements. That in itself is no small achievement too. Each day I am listening and watching my barn friends talk about their goals and dreams and it’s so wonderful to see them come true. I know it takes time, but the results are well worth it. Keep at it and we can do just about anything!!!

Junior was so proud and he told me all about how helped our friend Zena achieve a personal best – jumping the cross rails! Oh yes, Junior told us all about it and did not leave out any details. We were not surprised because we know Zena was very intent on her goals and way to go! We are so proud of you!!

My Best Mare Friend Lainey told me she wanted to be the prettiest mare in the barn! Whoo Hooo and I’d say she’s right on track. Our friend Suzanne spent a lot of time with Lainey, helping her with the goals in horsemanship, ground work and laying a good foundation for riding. We’re so grateful to see that progression. Many thanks to Suzanne too. They are lifelong friends and we look forward to future visits with Suzanne!

Molly the Jolly Unicorn told me that her Mom, Tess Flores was riding with perfect equitation!! A wonderful achievement. Her Mom has been busy working on personal goals and creating inspiration for the rest of us. We are just so proud!

So charming and pretty together!!

My friend Kristy has been really busy helping horses here achieve their goals and dreams.

Of course Porter is her heart of hearts :

but she makes time for ALL the horses and that is not small achievement!

Lately though, she has been working in earnest with Sekaya. They go for swims, they work out and they have a good bond going. Kristy also helps little people with their dreams too. We just love to see all she does!!

My friend Autumn is doing wonders in her training with Junior. I fully expect to see her in competitions before too long! She’s so devoted to her lessons and learning about the horses. Again, no small achievement! Junior loves her too!

My little people friends have a Unicorn at home too. Molly the Jolly Unicorn said that is pretty cool to be keeping cool with a Unicorn!! Nothing small about that either!!!

Speaking of little people and Unicorns!!!! WHOA They are such a pretty sight don’t you agree? My friend Nevaeh knows horsemanship and she is working on learning all the good skills it takes to be the best rider! It is just so important to do your best and she is doing just that very thing!

Oh to have a your very own Unicorn, now that’s pretty special!

My friends Sol the bigly dood and Sabrina learn the fine art of sharing shoe sizes. I think that’s a neat goal too. And Sol has some pretty nice shoes to fill too!! They work well together and just have fun. I think they make a great team.

And of course Molly The Jolly Unicorn not only helps her own little people and her Mom, but she helps other riders here too! Our friends, Helen and Crystal just LOVE Molly! We do too!

And of course my dear barn pal It’s Smarty Time has the goal of getting through the DENTIST visit coming up! I wish him well with that, but truthfully I think his pearly whites will win over the Dentist just fine!!

Say CHEESE Smarty!!!

And of course my Mom has been busy schooling us, helping littles overcome their fears and working with the rescues that Aileen is helping and that’s definitely no small achievement! Kudos for all that’s being done to help us learn and keep us safe! Way to go!

Oh the littles have nothing to fear!

Mom working with Sadie! Beautiful!

Dad helping Oden, a new rescue that Aileen is helping!

Thank you from Heartly – Aileen is his new forever Mom. Very sweet!

Friends do your best to work on your goals. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Make each day count and along the journey have fun too.

And remember everything we do is no small achievement. It’s a BIG DEAL!!!

Who says the sky has to be the limit!!!!!!!!! Shoot for the stars, be a star!

Be kind and be good to others!

Luv ya!


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