Whoa! Friends!!!!

Hey that’s what it is all about – fun with friends! Our week here has been just that very thing! We got kickstarted on Monday with the SUMMER CAMP with a great group of youngsters. Many were first timers around horses and they just absorbed the whole week with gusto!

I admired their curiosity and zest for learning all about me, well partly – horses in fact. They were bobbing for apples, they were learning about horsemanship, they were riding with Mom and Peaches in the cart, they had a stall cleaning contest, crafts and so much more! I was secretly hoping that they’d all give me what they had for lunch, but I was on my own there… oh well a kid needs treats too. I bet I would have won that bobbing for apples game though!!!


Oh how they learned!


Mom even showed them how to give Peaches a bath! Peaches LOVED all the attention!


A great week and a great time – fun with friends!


Learning and sharing and expanding our knowledge! It was a great week!


We enjoy our time with friends. It means so much! We cherish the moments spent together and we flourish. It’s a beautiful thing!




Having special friends adds a lot of colors to our life! Molly the Jolly Unicorn knows this! We love that about her too!


The Snooter Patrol is our friend too. This day they found Junior’s sweet snooter!


Heartly and his pals Lucky and Carlton have LOTS of love in their life too. They were rescued locally and were in a tough situation, but our barn friend Aileen Stevens worked very hard to help them out. Now they have a good home and she is taking great care of them.

Lucky and Carlton did not escape the Snooter Patrol though…..

The Snooter Patrol is more than happy to give equal time to unsuspecting snooters! And they can be anywhere anytime!!!

Our friend Aileen is reaching out to the community far and wide for help with their care and most especially Carlton. Carlton is a older horse and has special medical issues.

Anyone who would like to donate to his care may send their donations by a check to Walders Way Equestrian Center 1140 Union School Road, Mount joy 17552 and please write Carlton in the memo.


We can all get by with a little help from our friends, but sometimes we really need a lot of help. We admire Aileen for taking the big step up to help my equine friends who gave their all.


Heartly even helped out at the Summer Camp for my little people friends too and that was REALLY COOL!!!!!


Some of my very special little people friends were also seeing some friends flying around that light up!!! Lighting up the sky!!! WHOA now that is something to see!!! They’re always telling me about the neat stuff. Fun with Friends!

I must admit though, as much fun with ALL my friends that we had the special time of the week was one I waited and waited for. The day we would celebrate Mom’s graduation. That is such a special time in my Mom’s life and we were all so grateful to everyone that came to honor Mom and celebrate. We had cake, and music and Robin and Dad went ALL OUT with this HUGE BUFFET of wonderful delicious food. Little people were everywhere and we were all just so proud and happy!!

We love you all and thank you very much!! Congratulations to you Mom, the world is yours!!!!!!!!!!!




Madison Graduation Picture_2

Luv YA!!!



photo credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Zena Schwartz and the camera crew/snooter patrol


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