Hi Friends!!!!

Are you ready for Summer!! It’s here it’s here! The official start is actually a few days away, but the thermometer is telling me it’s already here!! Wow it’s warm but at least it won’t be raining on our camp week which is really cool!! Starting tomorrow we are hosting summer camp for the kids. I am so excited about it and we are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!! Games, horsemanship and learning all about the fascinating world of equines I know for many of the kids attending this is a first time experience so we’ll be sure to give them the best week ever!!! More to come on that so be watching for it. Robin is taking care of all the details!!

What’s not to love about equines!! They make GREAT love bugs!

More news!

Mom is gearing up with our support TEAM MADDIE campaigns!! She’s working hard with Carmen our star Warm Blood jumper and our other star in the hunt – It’s Smarty Time who is also looking to make his first USEF rated show appearance. Our latest support effort is a tee-shirt fundraiser for Carmen!! You can have your VERY OWN tee-shirt or sweatshirt that shows your support for Team Maddie. We are fortunate to have the matching support of up to $500.00 from Top of the Line Roofing in Mount Joy to help us achieve our showing fee goals. That is so generous and we are very appreciative for everything!!

If you would like to get involved and help support Madison and Carmen simply click on this link and it will take you right to the fundraiser site!! The merchandise is great quality and wears beautifully!!!!!!!!

Click Here to Get your TEAM MADDIE tee shirt!!

We’ve also been enjoying the sweet summer like days. We’ve been getting our hair done, working our progress plans,  enjoying the clovers and well just enjoying the bonds of friendship!

It’s Smarty Time was working on some Dressage moves too and he had to have a nice Dressage look. Wow and look at him styling!

My special Off The Track Thoroughbred buddy, Two Jack’s Wild has been in rehabilitation here too. He’s on stall rest and hand walking so it will take some time. He enjoys some hand grazing too. We will keep you posted on his progress. He’s being a very good boy through the process.

My best mare Lainey was into the braided look! She even has her very own stylist!!!! Isn’t she pretty!!

Sekaya is really getting the loving!

Kristy and Porter after a work out. Well maybe we should call it a GALLOP OUT!! It’s Smarty Time says that he was chatting with Porter the other day about how they Gallop Out on the race track after the race.. hmmmm fancy that one Porter!! Junior said it’s best to not give out any of those ideas!!

Molly our resident Jolly Unicorn has been on the work tab too. She loves our friend Helen and they go for riding lessons with my Dad. They do really well too!!

Jazzy loves spending time with her new friends too. It’s always a good day getting some brushing in with a friend who cares!

Mom has been very busy with the riding, training and keeping things in check at the barn. She’s been especially happy about Sadie’s progress. She has a very smooth gait and so much possibility to really shine!!

Peaches and Dixie sure love the clovers!! And they’ve got the friendship thing down pat!

And of course there are always chores to do! Dad has been busy getting our outdoor arena prepared for the next rider. He keeps things sharp! Thanks Dad!

We also like to thank our friends at Triple Performance for keeping us looking really great! These supplements are superb!! Many thank you’s to Harold Smith our Triple Performance representative. They also proudly sponsor us too!

My little people friends also told me about their graduation! Wow can you imagine how cool it is to graduate!! Congratulations little one, you’re a big kid now!!

Our special Molly the Jolly Unicorn is helping me watch over the barn too. She’s a big help!

She really Watches too!!!!

So be good, have fun and stay cool!! It’s going to be a great summer!!!

Luv ya!!!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores Kristy and the camera crew!

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