Madison Graduation Picture

Hi ya Friends!!

Whoa and how are you doing? I have been busy in the paddock, busy in the stall and busy learning my lessons since my last blog. My goodness it’s been quite a couple of months!!

First of firsts!! We’ve all been thinking about the important milestones that have been happening. My Mom just completed her high school education and that’s a milestone that takes years to accomplish. Mom took care of us, trained us, competed with us in shows and top of all that, she worked hours and hours behind the scenes on her education. Our entire barn family, her family, my family, my horse pals and well the whole area is just SO PROUD of my Mom!! She has achieved some pretty hefty goals in a relatively short time. So often many of our goals and dreams are put more in the background while we do one thing or another thing first, but Mom made her dreams and her important school work all blend in harmony so that she could do both. I am so incredibly in awe of my Mom because she makes her dreams reality. Inspiration above and beyond!!


Madison Graduation Picture_2

Beauty, brains, talent – she’s got the world!!! We are the fortunate ones to have her in out world making the difference! Thank you Mom, we cannot do it without you!! You make it all worthwhile and I promise to keep trying and learning and doing my ultimate best to keep you proud of me! Even though I do get some feisty moments, you know I love you!


I know you think of me as King of the North. Sometimes it’s a good idea to show my “majestic side” to remind us both!!

Robin and my Mom both celebrated their birthdays on the same day. That is something we look forward to celebrating each and every year. Robin is our person, our friend and the one who keeps things moving forward in the way it should. She’s keen, she’s kind and she knows how to find the solutions we need and in the right time. Robin we love that about you and thanks to YOU, I am here. Robin is the one who found me and helped Dad and my Mom get me to Walder’s Way. I am forever grateful to my Robin!!!!


She helps Dad in so many ways and is our rock!!! And she even helps little people and that’s pretty special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other important milestones….. wow there are SO MANY it boggles my horse mind to think of it!

Our friend and assistant barn manager Kristy celebrated one year of working here with us! We are SO PROUD to have a loyal friend and someone so knowledgeable about how to help us. She’s had so much experience working with horses and we are so glad she is here. She even now proudly owns Porter! Porter used to be one of our lesson horses and every time I peek out of my stall I can see the love and pride that she has in her kind face when she looks at her beloved Porter. It’s quite something to witness and I have the best view to see that. It’s very touching and heartfelt to see that love shine through.


She also helps Little People get their lessons done too. We admire her versatility!


She makes time to win ribbons too!


And to top it all off, she even rides in parades right here in the hometown of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania! WHOA!!

So many milestones so many good things!

One of our dear friends, Suzanne leases a beautiful quarter horse named Lainey!! Lainey used to be a paddock barn pal and with Suzanne has been truly transformed into a horse with great potential. We are hoping to see them shine in the show circuit someday soon. We are so happy about this milestone!!!


Look at them!


She’s beautiful!


Sabrina had some time with her recently too. They’re pals! Gee but she looks so pretty in her tack!


My BFF It’s Smarty Time is reeling off the milestones every time I turn around. He’s jumping high jumps now too! Perfect rounds and sometimes he loses a shoe, but we won’t there!! HA!

He’s one who likes to come home with more than a few ribbons too.

We’re hoping to see him in a USEF rated show in the near future too, so stay tuned friends. He’s one to watch. He does not let the grass grow under those capable hooves!!


Robin keeps pretty busy behind the scenes as we have a contingent of new students, new boarders and even rescued horses that come through our barn gates. One of our OTTB rescues – Two Jack’s Wild is progressing very well in his rehabilitation from being off the racing track. Dad is working with him every day bringing him to good health. Rehab can take time but once he’s ready then Mom will continue with the next phase of his training. Good things come to those who wait as the old saying goes. So we’ll be patient and keep working slow and steady with him until he gives us the go. Once I can get the camera crew out, we’ll get some pictures for you. His milestones are very important and they’re coming one by one..


Our dear Peaches also wanted you to know she’s practicing her driving skills with Mom. She’s one hardly little pony trying out new things when she’s not busy with Santa Claus work. That’s pretty darn special too!

Dad enjoys helping all the kids achieve their dreams! Every day is a milestone for Dad as he is here day in day out taking care to make sure we have what we need, when we need it and just how we need things done. He is our go to guy for everything and anything. Dad like Robin, is also our rock. They make a dynamic team of teams yes they do! Thanks Dad! You are the best ever!

Jeff with Zena Grandaughter

They made my 3rd birthday and event and a party to remember. Thank you SO MUCH!

And lastly I would like to say, we took time to enjoy the Triple Crown race series too. WE HAD A JUMBOTRON!!! We could see Jockey Mike Smith really, really good!!


I wholeheartedly congratulate my Thoroughbred brethren for giving us the thrill and excitement for a lifetime. They ran hard, they fought the good fight, but in the end, there could only be 1 Triple Crown winner. This honor went to Justify. Justify, we are so happy for you and all your connections. You have undoubtedly made your mark in history and the 2nd undefeated winner of the crown and the ONLY one to win it that did not race at two years old. You have world-class connections that took care of you and got you all the way to the gate. The rest was on you and your jockey, some racing luck and God looking down on you. It was your day and meant to be.  It all starts with a dream that develops into a goal and manifests to a milestone. Your destiny is assured and you worked hard and earned the coveted reward and recognition you truly deserve.

At my barn, we are working towards new goals and milestones each and every day and our rewards come in many forms. We dream, we love and we enjoy our time together. A smile, a pat on the back, and an encouraging word from our teachers for a lesson well done means a lot, and it is something we all treasure.  And of course getting a treat sure helps! WHOA!! Where would we be without treats and Junior can attest to that one! Perhaps It’s Smarty Time too, heck we all can! Carrots please!!

There are many milestones ahead and each one will be as important as the first. Every thing we do has impact. So set your goals, work hard and enjoy the ride! Take it from Mom she knows the power and enjoyment of making a dream reality!! Don’t ever give up!! Dream BIG and GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations Mom!!! You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya!!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores, Kristy, Zena, Suzanne and the camera crew




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