Dear friends,

My dear friend Zeus asked me to share this story with you. Zeus was a very special friend of mine. He was the senior man in the barn and as such, he would often tell me (after everyone was gone for the night) about life. He told me many things and Junior would listen in too. We all would. Zeus had a certain way about him that made us look and wonder how it was that he was so strong, so knowing and yet so cautious. He showed us quiet dignity.  All of the things that horses of any age need to be.

So the other day, Zeus told Junior and I about all these stories he had in his heart. We listened intently for hours….Stories of love and the importance of being good, doing the right thing and being there for your person. Be present and walk with me he told us and we did. We took that walk with Zeus into the wonderful memories of his life. He shared about his love for his Mom. His Mom was the lady of his life and he loved her so and she loved him. That journey was for many years too. She found him at age 4 at a local auction and thanks to her, he enjoyed 25 more years of a good, precious life.

And recently too, he told us about his walks with Tara. Tara is one of our dear friends who is always supporting our efforts. Zeus told us how much the time she spent with him meant and the talks they had. Zeus would also tell us that Tara was like magic! She knew just how to help him feel better on days when things were a little difficult to move around. Tara would come and let the sun shine in and it was like magic!!! Junior and I always noticed that too when they’d come back to the barn.

Zeus also told us that Tara would let him know that things were going to be ok and that one day he’d be running like a foal. Yes he said to us, that when we are born we run happy and free and then eventually that time will come again. He told us that when he was unable to walk very well or would stumble, that Tara would pick him up and they’d keep moving on. Zeus really wanted Junior and I to know that it is what family and friends do – they pick you up when you are down.  Zeus told us that he embraced that time with Tara and it meant a lot.

Zeus told us that he enjoyed his walk in life and it was time to take the walk to the big sky. We knew he was ready even if we were not, but we knew that he was not afraid. He said walk with me and we did and now we look up to the big sky with love and the realization that his journey has not ended, but rather it is just beginning.

Thank you for inviting us to walk with you Zeus, we loved you and we will miss you but as I always say – it’s not goodbye, but so long for now. You enjoy your new beginning and we are grateful that we had a friend in you to walk with us. We will take that walk and notice the buds in spring, the chirp of the birds and how our hearts feel better when we talk with one another. We will take that walk Zeus!!

Our hearts and prayers go with Zeus’s connections who loved him very much.

We did too.

High hoof with love,

Koenraad and the entire Walder’s Way barn.

photo of Zeus and his friend Tara above

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