Today it was a special day in every way. It was my third birthday and Mom, Dad and Robin threw me a huge birthday bash!!! My family and friends were there in droves! They came from miles around to sing my song. All my barn pals sang Happy Birthday too, well It’s Smarty Time was only slightly off key, but that’s ok!!! Junior was there, Sol was there, they were ALL THERE! And the best part was there was LITTLE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

First Dad had to light my candle!!

Here we go! Sing along and enjoy the fun! Happy Birthday to YOU! Oh the anticipation! I had so much fun!

Then everyone had some cake!!!!!!!!!! And it was lip smackin good too and I should know because I had TWO pieces! And Dad said you only turn 3 once! Hey Dad, and thanks for that!! I could not agree more! More cake please!!

I am just so happy that everyone was there to sing, have cake and celebrate together! I even got so many gifts too. That was great.

My pal Sol was snoozing at the party but once someone say CAKE, well that sure got his attention!!

Junior was on the work tab even at the party, but he’s the Champion Jumper and it’s what he does!! He did take time for cake too. He’s my pal!


Yay for Presents and THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! SO Very thoughtful!


Robin helps the little people!! Yay!!!!



My yummy cake. Robin takes care of everything. I don’t know how she does it but I am glad she does! You can see I had two cakes. One was my really big cake and the other cake is my MAD DREAMS cake. That’s my show name cake. I am Madison’s Dream. She is my Mom and we are a team. I will only ever give her my absolute tremendous Best. I am living the Dream!

Thank you to all my family, friends and barn pals for making my day so EXTRA SPECIAL!!!!

Don’t forget, enjoy your cake because you are only going to be 3 once and that goes for ALL the birthdays! Something to look forward to!!

Luv ya!

Mad Dreams!

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