Hello dear friends and a Very Happy Easter wished for everyone!!

We have been very busy working with Mom and Dad on our training and showmanship. It’s been a wonderful time of learning and growing for us all and I am even able to stop on a whistle!! Stop on a whistle you say? Yes, stop on a whistle.

Mom and I are like “poetry in motion” as our friend Zena is fond of saying. Zena, I quite agree! Mom is the poetry and I am the motion. I have so much fun learning with Mom, she is the ultimate and it’s no wonder many in our town and beyond tout her as Mount Joy’s horse whisperer. I am so proud to be in her midst and I use every opportunity to show my stallion pride!!


I think we look great together too! I love my training and am really working hard to do my best!


Mom’s job is not just with me though. She has a lot of work to do with all our Walder’s Way horses. She and It’s Smarty Time are preparing for their first show together in the jumping arena. Wow and that’s big doings. He’s a handsome fella and has his way with the ladies too!

See what I mean about the ladies — lovely Bonita cannot resist his charms!


Mom has also been featured in a treasured local magazine publication that is distributed by Helen Venesky and her team at Lancaster County Pet. Helen is one of our barn stars and she is working with Archie and Junior when she is not busy working with her magazine team and interviewing in our area. We are so happy that she is part of our Walder’s Way family of stars and if you can, check out the latest issue of Lancaster County Pet and you’ll see the fabulous article about Mom and what we do. Thank you Helen from our hearts!!!


Here is a breathtaking photo Helen shared of Mom with Junior for the magazine article – handsomely beautiful!


Mom and Dad are also working with our new addition! Her name is Sadie and she’s a beauty with a wonderful gait!! She is our up and coming barn star. We’re all so happy to have her here and just as proud. She’s learning and doing oh so well!

“Trust in the Process” is Mom’s focus.

Bonita is our blazing glory star in the jumping arena and it’s very common to see her in the USEF rated show line up, most recently competing at Devon. This year will be no exception so watch for her!

Our barn star Jazzy is really doing well with the kids and then Junior is training everyone how to ride too. Mom works with Bailey, Sol and Sadie and Carmen and helps with Lainey too. It’s a busy schedule!!

We also want to extend our heartfelt thank yous to Bob and Linda Shambaugh for making the four step mounting block. We are getting good use out of it and Meatball especially tells me it’s a really back saver too!! Thank you so very much! Bob’s craftsmanship is wonderful!!



So Happy Easter to one and all from our barn to yours. I thought I’d share some pictures from our barn star family. We have a great time here learning together and it’s fun. We all share the passion for the love of the horse. It’s understood and felt so deeply. No other way to express it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget while you are out getting Lancaster County Pet magazine to sign up with Robin for summer camp! We’ve added an additional week!!!

Talented Local Artist, Tess Flores will be hosting many events in the future such as Paint Night here with us! Events you cannot miss!!

Remember do you best, be kind to others and share the love of the horse!!!

Happy Easter everyone with love!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Helen Venesky, Kristy Pollock, Tess Flores, Zena Schwartz and Susan

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