Hey Friends!

How is everyone doing? Hope that you are just about ready to welcome Spring. We sure are here at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. One of the best ways for us to get ready for the newness and joys of Spring is to celebrate Dad! Every year just as things are getting ready to turn a corner, Dad’s birthday comes and it sure puts us all in a great mind to honor and celebrate and say thanks Dad for helping us get through and have another magnificent year!! Really puts some “spring” into my hoof steps!!!

Dad is our rock, he’s our glue and he’s our go to man here at the barn for all our questions, happy moments, concerns and well just about everything. We all know Dad is the one who can vision change and actually put it into action. He makes things better, he gives us hope, he helps us just when we need it and he does not judge us when things go in another direction. And anyone who knows me, I can easily go in many directions! But mainly I do my ultimate best to go in the direction and my Dad and my Madison wish me to go!

26814990_2001215149895224_3631079836062018457_n (1)

Dad has done quite a lot this year and now our barn is the top of the heap and THE premier barn in all of Lancaster County. Dad is incredibly busy and like wow I watch from my stall and wonder how he does it.

Dad is always there to give his students the best guidance so they can do their best. Countless hours of lessons and instructions and he’s so encouraging to all. Dad is giving lessons in the morning, in the afternoon and the evening. Many devoted hours helping others realize their dreams. Not easy, but he makes it look so fluid, so effortless. I know better though Dad. You work hard and you help others so much!


Dad also knows how important lessons are. The very first to each and every one after that. But it is those first lessons that are remembered best and give us the desire to continue to build the foundation for a lifetime of riding.


Each rider is different and and each horse is different and Dad knows how to match horses to riders and make it work. A great skill to have. And I have been matched to Madison!!!! Dad and Madison work as a team to help me learn all the things I need to learn so that I too can reach my goals. I have some high hoof goals too!!!

Mad and Koenraad2

He also works with Madison to help train Off the Track Thoroughbreds like It’s Smarty Time son of Smarty Jones. It’s Smarty Time also has mighty high hoof goals, so we compare notes in the evening to keep track of how each of us is doing. He’s a son of horse racing royalty so I learn from him, he learns from me. Win win situation and in his first show with coaching from Dad and expert riding with Madison, he truly excelled. One second place finish and three thirds, wow and in his very first show! Just another fine accomplishment thanks Dad!


He is just the very best and after all, he raised my Madison who is the very best rider and trainer. She is second to none and that’s quite a legacy. Again, Thanks Dad!

Dad is also there to help and give a shoulder to lean on when things are a little unsure.


Dad leads us and guides us!

He takes us to some pretty special Horse Shows too!

Dad is always very watchful too. He’s at the barn from morning until night and he knows our personalities just so well. He also recognizes if we need help or we’re not feeling good. He helps us feel better fast no matter what the problem or concern may be. We keep Dad busy for sure. No matter how busy Dad can be he always has time to say hi and hug a Curley Q or two!


And then our chats and treat times are SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you Dad!


We also enjoy seeing Dad having fun too! Ha Ha!!


As the winter turns to Spring, we thank Dad for being there for us when it counts and that’s like ALL the time!!! Happy Birthday, happy Spring and we are so glad for all that you do. We don’t know HOW you do it but we are just so glad you do!!! With your help and encouragement we can jump ever higher and no hurdle in life is too great!


Thanks Dad!!!

Luv to all!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores and Susan

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