Hi all!

I hope that you are all enjoying days fit for Champions and in case you have not heard or are not aware – the Philadelphia Eagles took Super Bowl #52 and made it a spectacular day fit for Champions. Our home state team made us proud. Robin made it extra special too by making it possible for Mom to attend the parade in Philly! Robin is our miracle worker here in the barn and she works hard at it too. We don’t often know how she does it but we are sure glad she does. Our Robin has some pretty cool connections in the area and off Mom went and had a great time too. Of course I really missed her though… A day fit for Champions for sure in all the ways to make it special! The crowds came in droves to show how proud we all are! Whoa, very special!

Here in the barn we’ve been busy too. Practicing with Mom and Dad for our next horse shows and many people taking lessons between rain drops and snow flakes. I love to peer out from my stall and see how they do. It’s so much fun! Definitely Champions in the making here at Walder’s Way!


We also have another sweet addition to our barn family. Meatball proudly told me that he has a new baby brother named Parker. He leads a tough life sometimes, you know how that can be for puppies – eat, play, sleep, eat play, sleep….This little Champion is loving his days too!


Parker is about as sweet as sweet can be and Meatball just loves him so. We do too, welcome to our barn family Parker!!

Kristy keeps up with little critters too when she’s not hanging out with Porter, teaching littles to ride and helping Dad and Madison with just about anything and everything!


Porter loves his Kristy too but has not said much about the little critters. They are his competition so we don’t talk about them too much…


Meatball gets visitors from little people too. Oh how we LOVE our little visitors! So adorable!


And of course Meatball is the first to share his visitor news with Porter. No secrets in this barn!


And it’s no secret that handsome Porter is a flashy chestnut for sure but we’re not sure where he goes for his mane do…. he likes short hair dos..


Speaking of new additions…

Mom is thrilled about her new truck!! Robin did a lot of research and made a miracle happen again. Mom loves the new truck and so grateful to Robin for finding this gem. Mom had to retire her other truck and Robin found one that will work out just fine. I am always glad to see Mom happy too! Yay Mom and Yay Robin!


My dear friend Molly the Jolly Unicorn gets lots of huggies from her person. Wow we love to see that too. It’s a match made in heaven.


I heard from my little people friends too. They’ve been hanging out with their pet dogs and making artistic creations.



One of my little friends even has a fondness for keeping things nice and tidy. Hey come on over to my stall please! I like things nice and tidy too!


Robin has also been busy putting together lesson specials and also working on getting some advertising in for our SUMMER CAMP! Whoa, but you don’t want to miss out on camp and lesson specials friends. Robin is getting things coordinated so a quick call or text will get things started! SUMMER CAMP is the place to be around here too so DON’T MISS your OPPORTUNITY to shine like a CHAMPION here at Walder’s Way!


AND BIRTHDAY PARTIES TOO!!!!!!!!!! Call to set up your event. We love to host events and make your day special!


Spring is coming friends and although it may not seem like it, soon it will be here!! In the meantime, enjoy each and every day and remember each day is fit for Champions!! Work hard, enjoy playtime and root for your home team whoever and wherever they may be. Champions are special and so are you!

Love ya!

Koenraad ♥


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Zena Schwartz, Tess Flores, and Kristy




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