Hi ya Friends!

Gee oh gee how are you doing? We have survived the cold snap thankfully. I hope that it won’t return for all of eternity too. That cold snap sure made us appreciate warm weather days no doubt about it. I hope you are all enjoying the nicer weather and making the most of your days too.

My barn best friend forever, Meatball and I have been contemplating how things are going and we came to the conclusion that Life is tough – well at least sometimes. So we mused about it a bit and came up with some things we thought would be fun to share….

The cold snap puts us in wanting to be warm mode.. Mom and I snuggle up and share the love! Now that is tough to let go!! I wanna hold on Mom!!!

26814990_2001215149895224_3631079836062018457_n (1)

Meatball’s Mom Zena grooms him so completely he falls asleep in the cross ties! It’s tough taking a snooze in the afternoon with everyone watching, like really tough!


Jazzy’s favorite team did not make the championship game…. It’s tough not to be able to flaunt the yellow and black when the Dad’s team is PURPLE and from MINNESOTA!


Lainey and her pasture mate Abby share a morning together munching on breakfast! Ooh la la, but these two make it tough for me not to look away! Yes they are beauties!


It’s really tough when you want to have a few private words with your Mom Kristy and the dude in the background make so much noise munching that it makes you strain your ears to hear her tell you a story just for you!! Porter…sorry…that dude really should be quiet!!



Then the dude quiets down and you’re all ears but your Mom Kristy gets back to work!



Now that is like REALLY REALLY TOUGH!

Molly the Jolly Unicorn tells me that her heart is so FULL of love and joy riding around with her person! How tough it is to have all that love!


And then to have the BEST trainer and in the BEST Showbarn in ALL of Lancaster County!!


Jazzy said to me that goes double for the little people when they get back to lessons after not feeling well!! Oh my just SO TOUGH! Welcome back little one we missed you too and that was tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Junior said it’s really amazing to have such HUGE fans riding him!! He said that the riders he’s helping LOVE HIM TO NO END! That’s tough he said but he also said he’d not have it any other way. He LOVES his riders! And they LOVE JUNIOR!


Carmen said it’s really tough when she’s soooo close but yet not close enough to Mom’s pastries!!! I feel your pain Carmen, but it’s really better to hold out for the carrots and apples, so much better!!!


It’s Smarty Time said that he feels bad for the other horses in the horse show circuit because he has THE BEST Rider in Mom! He LOVES Mom!! I do too and Smarty, you’re spot on! She is THE BEST!!! That can be tough, but hey, we can’t help that if we have the best!


So friends, even though life can be tough and Meatball and I shared the best examples this week that came to mind, just know that there is always the bright spot, the silver lining in everything you do. Look for it and it may be elusive at times, but mostly you’ll find the best things in life are right before your eyes. I believe it and Meatball does too when he wakes up in the cross ties from his relaxing naps!

Be good, stall tall and hang tough! Just like us!!

Love ya!


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Zena Schwartz, Kristy Pollack, Tess Flores and Susan



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