Hi ya friends!!

Hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather after our sub-zero days. Gee oh gee it was cold and thank goodness we had our Barn Angels taking such excellent care of us. The curly q’s stayed under their blankets, and we wore our blankets. It was tough for a couple of weeks and now that it is in the low teens and twenties it feels better. I was not sure I’d ever say that, but never say never as the saying goes!

This week we have been busy partnering up in several ways though and no amount of sleet or snow stays under our feet for long! Or FOG in our indoor!!!

It’s Smarty Time and Mom are working the jumps together at 1.05 meters now. He’s really getting into the jump training and doing very well. We think that his potential just continues to grow more each day. Mom and Dad could not be prouder! And of course, he’s my good friend and that goes for me too! Dad simply says, rider and horse are “Stellar!” They have become true partners for sure!


He also gets plenty of time with Meatball’s Mom Zena, she’s really nice and gives us treats. It’s Smarty Time is a regular Love Bug Casanova! HA!


Zena loves Meatball too. Meatball likes to have chat sessions close to the ground some times… Hmmmm….


Mom has been busy with all the horses and she keeps us in shape. She loves to work with us and today she spent some time with Bonita! Bonita is very very fast and a super performer.



Junior has been on the work tab too – always expertly helping riders reach their best potential!! That’s Junior!! I thought he looked pretty handsome styling in that nice red saddle blanket! WOW!


More partnering!

Dad has been very busy checking up on us, doing the barn chores, having lessons as weather permits, coordinating with Robin, working with Mom, helping all the horses and just being there for everyone and curly q’s too and trust me that’s a fraction of his list!

Our big news:

Anyway, with all that Dad is doing, we have partnered up with Triple Performance supplement company. Wow and that is like really big news!! In our barn we take the focus on doing things well and we take care to make sure that in our sport world competitions and life here around the barn in general that we are careful to take care of ourselves.

Robin made the big announcement too!!!

“Walder’s Way Equestrian is pleased to announce our partnership with Triple Performance Equine Supplements group…when you compete against the top horses and riders in the world you need any advantage you can get, we think we have found that with the Triple Performance line of supplements…those who follow our barn know we demand the best from our equine athletes and making sure they have the best training and nutrition is just part of the winning formula…Triple Performance line of supplements our horses wouldn’t compete without them.”

We are very happy and excited and we hope you are too. If you are considering supplements or want to know more, just contact Dad here at the barn and he can help you.

Since I am in training, Mom and Dad know all the ins and outs of where I need to be and what I need to do. It’s all part of a fundamental program to have talent but also to have the right team and guidance to help you. This is a lot to learn and I am only 2, but I am doing my homework friends and Warm-blood horses in training need to know these things!

Speaking of new partnerships…..

Some of my very dear little people friends have literally been under the weather. But they have been keeping in touch remotely on hoof-book so I follow them that way. They keep me pretty entertained with their activities and they take being a kid to a whole new level!

They’re starting to feel better now and are working at home on all kinds of fun stuff and they even have a new friend Mario to help them have fun! A new doggy! Join me in welcoming Mario to our extended barn family. Wow and that is like really really cool! Cute little Jack Russell he is!


The littles have many projects in the works and the fun my little friends have is amazing and they sure do take it up a notch!



Meatball gave Molly the Jolly Unicorn some mane highlights for Christmas too. Wow talk about Pretty in Pink. I have to wonder though, how Meatball did all this – Peaches must have given him some inside connections with Santa Claus when I was not looking. Sly friend he is! Molly is very chic!


As you can see we’ve been partnering up around the barn and I am sure this bonding and blending is surely going to make us all stronger and creative. In the meantime I am also watching the paddock for the very first signs of Spring!

Stay warm, be good and have fun!

Love ya!

Koenraad ♥


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