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Hi ya friends!

I don’t suppose I need to share how BRRRRRR cold it is!! I thought I’d check in and let you know how we’re doing. Junior and It’s Smarty Time have been having their discussions about this “Winter Wonderland” thing. Well I am sure not feeling that!! It’s darn COOOOLLLLLLDD! Sol has declared he is the King of Winter. And Peaches, well she’s the North Pole pony so this is pretty routine for her.

Oh my we all have our thoughts on this ice age experience we are all going through! I have to let you know that we’re doing fine as fine can be because we have Winter Angels here working hard and helping us get through these coooollld days and nights!

Mom, Dad, Robin, Kristy, Kristen, Kelly, Meghan and our behind the scenes helpers have been really braving the elements to make sure all the horses here have all that they need to make it through. They take care of EVERYTHING! They are the true warriors here. It’s not an easy job and I am so glad they do what they and they do it well. We have all the blankets, fresh water, extra food, and nice stalls, barns and run in sheds to keep Old Man Winter at bay. Yes they are our Winter Angels!

It’s also a little tough because we have cancelled some lessons so that we can make sure all the humans and horses are safe. Safety in winter is sooo important. Dad said safety first and he’s right about that!

I also heard one of my very special little people friends was not feeling good and I just want to send a little hug with get well wish. Get well soon!

We will bundle up and stay inside where it’s warm and thank the Winter Angels who have been taking such good care of us. In the meantime, we’ll see what the King of Winter has in store for us tonight… Junior said that’s one kingdom he does not want and well It’s Smarty Time, he just goes with the flow!!

I think I’ll dream of sunny days and balmy nights! Seriously? Sol? King of Winter? I am not quite sure where he get THOSE ideas…


Love YA!
Koenraad ♥

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