Dear friends!

Whoa! The New Year is almost here!! Happy New Year 2018 to each and every one of you from my barn to you and yours! Mom, Dad, Robin and the entire team at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center wish you the very best and also we want to thank you for being a special part of our barn family. You all have helped shape a most fantastic 2017 and we are all looking forward to what’s next in 2018.


We shared a lot, we made new friends, we competed in shows – some for the very first time, we helped friends, we challenged ourselves and we helped each other make dreams come true. That’s quite a list of accomplishments that we all did together! The list is actually much much longer though, but I think you know what I mean.

I am so appreciative for all the support and encouragement that you have given to me as I learn my first steps of how to be a showstopper as Junior is fond of saying. I am young and have soooo much to learn, and Mom is the best to help me. Hands and Hooves down up and all around, Mom is the best, and Dad is no slouch either. We have fun, we learn, we cry and we shout to the skies when we do great things.



Happily my training progressed and I was able to put my pal Teddy into the closet for good!

This year we also said our heartfelt farewells to a very special friend. Our dear Noggin who was a true champion here in the barn. She helped little people learn to trust themselves as they learned to ride just as she did for Mom. We will never forget you Noggin and it was hard to see you go, but we only say so long for now. Someday we will see you again. You will be in our hearts forever and ever with love.

You were so special and we love you Noggin!!


We also had a stellar year with lessons and boarding. Mom, Dad and Robin have been extremely busy. Dad also manages and runs another barn not too far from our Walder’s Way location too. Dad keeps it all running smoothly though and has help from our assistant trainer, Kristy. Kristy works hard and is very very dependable.


We appreciate all that she does for us so much. Kristy is also now Porter’s owner! Porter used to help us out with lessons, but Kristy now owns him and it is a great match. They are a team! Thank you SO MUCH for all your loyal dedicated effort. We value you and you are a treasure for the horses and most especially Porter.


The growth that we have been experiencing this year continues as breakneck speed too. I am happily amazed at how many friends are interested in riding and horses. This is just phenomenal! I am hopeful because when I start doing my shows, I hope to have a HUGEEEEE CHEERING SECTION!!

Junior has enjoyed another happy year too. He’s got a following a mile long and just as deep!! He’s got admirers coming from all over just to ride and see HIM!

He loves to help the local school greet kids getting off the bus to start their day!


And he ABSOLUTELY LOVES MOM! They like to do some riding even in the winter when it’s chilly out. No problem says Junior, off we go Mom!


He even gets custom made halters from Kentucky!! Folks, Junior really rates in this barn!


Oh that Junior – to be Junior is saying something folks! What a horse, what a champ!


Little people figure heavily into our barn life! Robin loves to host parties and opportunities for kids to have horse camps. And of course LESSONS!




Dad has fun at camp too!

They love it and it lets the parents do other things too while we have fun with the kiddos. I have many many many little people friends and they just warm my heart so.


I sometimes have to stretch my neck REALLY long to get their loving pets on my velvet nose! And of course TREATS!!!!!!!!!!


We also have some pretty elite horses in this barn too. Junior of course is the absolute best pony jumper in the country,




And then there is Carmen!



Our big mare Carmen can jump amazing heights and sets barn records each Christmas!!

Jazzy our special Chincoteague Pony who stepped up to the plate to help us when Noggin left us and those were pretty big hooves to fill too.



I may add we have Peaches who is best friends with Santa Claus! Very best friends!


I did get to meet Santa Claus too, which was REALLY COOL!!  He even let us help deliver the apples and carrots to the horses in entire world on Christmas Eve!


Charlie who is an amazing pony helping with little people dreams!


Archie a rather handsome quarter horse who helps out now and then with lessons too!


And a new guy on the block  – It’s Smarty Time, son of 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, Smarty Jones.


It’s Smarty Time has hopes to be a champion Jumper too and Mom has been taking time to show him the way to blue ribbons. Mom and Dad feel he has potential and like anything – practice, practice practice is the order of the day!

23561777_10211396129639823_1620743423245945840_n (1)

Sol the dreamy Warmblood who makes our hearts swirl!!!!!!!!!



Our lovely Bonita who works closely with our barn friend Aili!! They are making dreams come true too and lots of hard work and effort goes into what they do!



We also made some big strides with other events here too thanks to our barn friend and local talented artist – Tess Flores!! Tess has been teaming up with the horses and ponies in the barn to host PAINT NIGHTS!! Yes you are reading right, horses and paint!


It’s Smarty Time has even been working with Tess to create dazzling Moneighs too. Smarty Time is quite the artist but he says that most Off The Track Thoroughbreds LOVE to do them to raise money for rescue and horse charities.

Tess too is very involved with custom creations of all type to suit the equestrian side of horse lovers! Additionally, she bakes for all types of events and special occasions. Hey Tess, my birthday – carrot cake please! Many thanks to her for all her help. She also took pictures of our friends with Peaches and Santa Claus. I don’t know how she does it but we’re all so glad she does!


Do stay tuned though because Spring is coming and Tess will have more events involving horses to look forward to!

25439013_388733928231387_8650176251802915126_o (1)

We hosted a Christmas party that was just so much fun and with a record attendance! We had a demo by Mom and Carmen – huge record setting jump! Great food! Photos with Santa and the guests mingled with the horses too. For many of our guests this was a first time visit so they were able to learn more about us and we hope to see them for lessons and a return visit!



25488485_1755902514453786_2003599731739465421_o (1)



Trail rides are also becoming a regular Sunday afternoon thing. Great way for our barn friends to connect and have fun with their horses. We look forward to more trails in 2018 too.


And last but not least by any means, we are really big on helping people achieve their dreams and goals!! One really big dream that came true this year was seeing Molly the Jolly Unicorn get her very own family of little people and big people for Christmas.


We had to hold that secret for months and months, but finally Christmas came and it brought such happy tears to all of us. I will never forget it and it is so wonderful to be part of this wonderful memory!! May they have many years ahead of them with only the very best life can give.



We are looking forward to 2018 no doubt about it but we will always have 2017 close to heart. Thank you so very much for making it a spectacular and joyous year. We experienced and learned so much but mainly it was just plain fun. We love what we do and we love that you are here with us enjoying your time too.


Stay Warm This Winter!

Happy New Year Blessings and luv ya!

Koenraad! ♥

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