Hi Friends!

Hey and WHOA!! We just had a best time ever at our Open House and Barn Christmas Party! I had such a good time!! Our local community and friends from all over came to the party and I met sooo many wonderful folks and made tons of new friends! It was amazing! It was fun! Robin made the best Ziti!! Zena made special horse chocolates! There were vegggies, cookies, desserts, drinks and on and on! There were little people!! It was also history in the making!! And best of all too, we had Santa Claus with Peaches the North Pole Pony!

It is still a wonderment to me that our little Peaches is really BEST FRIENDS with Santa Claus!!  She was helping all our friends get their pictures taken with her and Santa! Wow that was great!!


Who knew! Peaches a best friend to Santa Claus!! And she wears the prettiest sleigh bells!!



Our favorite local artist and photographer Tess Flores was working hard helping Santa and Peaches get the pictures done for everyone!


Little People even had crafts at the table in the indoor arena! The littles are just SOO CUTE!


They were eating cookies at the table too. YUM!


People everywhere!




Decorations galore!


Our horses loved greeting new friends too!





Well It’s Smarty Time did too when he was not munching….


Then again I did a little munching too! WOL! ( Whinny Out Loud! hee hee! )


After a little while Mom brought me in. This way I could be in the barn and watch everything from there. There was an Elf in the stalls telling me a story and we all laughed and laughed and laughed! That Elf sure knows the funnies!


Even though we were having a big time party, Junior was displaying to his student riders and visitors alike that it is important everyone know he has a solid work ethic! Time for work and time for play. Junior knows best and Dad does too.


Always plenty to do on the farm taking care of horses!!


Kristy and Porter were working on their walks, trots and canters too. Porter likes keeping busy with Kristy and keeping a careful eye on things. Kristy is always so dedicated to helping Dad and Madison with our horses.


Just before the big historic performance Mom was giving the Elf and friends some important talks on horsemanship. Even Elves are interested in horse riding skills and they have friends who are too. Mom is alway willing and happy to answer questions and give advice. She’s just so smart. Way to go Mom!


So Mom brought out our talented Carmen to get ready for the show…


Mom did some grooming…


Santa’s Elf helper kept a watchful eye…Carmen wanted to shake hands like Peaches, but the Elf was pretty firm and keeping to the task..


Eventually Mom had Carmen all tacked up and ready to go!


Everyone was poised and excited to see this most historic jump! Dad was so proud and engaged the crowd! Everyone was full of anticipation. Could they do it???







Mom and Carmen were all smiles, relaxed and happy!





This was a proud moment and was the HIGHEST jump they ever did at the barn for our Open House!! Our friends in the audience cheered loudly and I could hear it in the barn in my very own stall! I mean it was like REALLY LOUD CHEERS!
BOOM! Junior was looking for some cotton to put in his ears even..


Friends I am keeping my eye on Christmas Eve.. the Elf told me that Peaches and Santa have a special job coming my way… So be sure to keep your eye on Christmas Eve too because I will have a very special story to share about what we will be up to!!

Molly the Jolly Unicorn will be watching to see what Santa Claus puts under her tree!! We all will be watching for Santa Claus!

Molly and Tree

Be merry and be good because come Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is coming to town and he is making the list and checking it twice!!

Love ya!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo Credits: Tess Flores and Susan

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