Hi Friends!

Hey! What’s with this white stuff!!! Whoa – It’s Smarty Time is telling me it’s a winter wonderland at our barn. Excuse me Smarty, but I think I like the Palm trees and the Flamingos this time of year! Whoa! That dood needs to rethink that a bit I think. But then again, he’s got Peaches the North Pole Pony who has been CLAMORING and NEIGHING to the big sky to let the snow flakes fly to support his view. Well Peaches, you sure got your wish! I was up to my coronet bands in snow flakes!! But snow does match my white stockings so I guess I should not complain. Peaches told us all that she is working with Santa and they need the snow to get here next Saturday for pictures with the kids! I suppose my Palm trees will have to wait.

Friends and kids let me tell ya, the barn has been bustling faster than I can say Whistlin Dixie! Sorry Dixie, I could not resist, but you get my drift! Busy busy busy!! The holidays are approaching and of course our barn is working hard getting ready for Santa Claus in between riding lessons and barn chores!


Mom had been riding me at the trot now and Dad is close by at all times. I really do have this down pat, but I have to take it slow so they know I can do it. Mom and I have fun too when we’re not in the riding ring!


I love my talented Mom! She is just the best and someday we are going to show the horse world just exactly what we can do!!

I am just so anxious to trot and canter and gallop! Hold on Mom!

Mad and Koenraad2Mad and Koenraad

Mom says practice and work and practice some more! We will be working on our gaits and equitation for some time yet, but gee Mom I am SOOO ANXIOUS TO GET ON WITH IT!

Speaking of working and practicing, Mom and Dad also have It’s Smarty Time on the work tab. He’s doing very well. He’s more patient about it. He likes to tell us about his tack accessories – jumping bridles. I hear he’s into figure 8 bridles these days too. His eyes just like up light Winter Christmas Lights! WHOA! He is handsome I must admit…


He’s also taking art lessons from our dear friend Tess Flores. He says he’s making art out of Moneighs! Whoa! Paint me one for my stall please!! He said he thinks I should paint too and we can be the “Blue Nose Brothers”. Hmmmmm I have no clue where It’s Smarty Time get THOSE ideas!

There is never a dull moment in the barn though. Mom and Carmen are going vertical. Robin said that they’re really good at it too. Look at that!!


Carmen can really fly!

We also have been noticing our piglet pals with the curly tails are growing up and getting very squishy! Dad loves to hug those squishy curly qs. They are sure sweet!! They also love to give Dad lots of hugs. Robin knows how to give the very best presents. Dad ALWAYS wanted curly qs!


One thing though, those sweet curlies do snore and keep me up at night. I have been meaning to tell Mom and Dad about that…..

Peaches is looking forward to Santa Claus coming to visit. She will be helping the kids get their pictures taken with the Jolly man in the Red Suit. She closes her eyes really tight and dreams of all the fun she will have with Santa and the kids! She can hardly wait!



She is just so precious!


Junior has been busy helping his students learn to ride!! Ever the champion Jumper and loves his people too!!


Meatball was on the work tab with his Mom Zena too! Zena was vacationing and came back as soon as she could. She missed him SOOOO MUCH!!! Meatball was trying to give a little kiss after their ride. The camera crew was there at just the right time!


Meatball and Molly the Jolly Unicorn also have their conversations going….seems they’re always whispering about something..


Molly the Jolly Unicorn gave Nevaeh a ride the other day too. Meatball told me that Molly’s Mom said it was ok….Wow now isn’t that just the nicest thing!! Molly was so very happy!


Having a Unicorn in the barn is like REALLY SWELL!


Bailey likes to keep an eye on things too!!! One of his favorite pastimes is watching Me and Mom showcase our talents in the riding ring! Whoa! And I LOVE having an audience!


Tory was sending me kisses the other day too, it made me blush….


Jazzy often follows Junior’s lead by giving great lessons and she does it in style with her glittery hooves! Little people sometimes give hoof-a-cures much like big people get manicures. It’s great fun!


I am looking forward to our big Open House this Saturday!!! Starts at noon and Santa will be there with Peaches! Our friend Tess Flores will be taking pictures, the camera crew is sure to be roving about getting some pictures here and there and It’s Smarty Time will be greeting guests too along with me, Mom, Dad and Robin! We sure hope you can make it and it is sure to be a great time!! Robin says that she’ll have lesson specials, merchandise, great food and all the velvet noses you can pet! Who can resist that!! Come to 1140 Union School Rd in Mount Joy, we look forward to seeing you! Our Open House starts at noon and will be an event you cannot afford to miss. Peaches wished for snow and she got snow now all she wants is you!!!! Oh and Santa of course too!!

Love ya!

Koenraad ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Madison Walder, Tess Flores and Susan



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