Hi Friends!

Whoa! What is going on in my barn! I am wondering what is before me these days! All kinds of great things are going on around here! We’ve got kids, we’ve got ponies,


we’ve got sweatshirts,


we got men in red suits and we’ve got horses hosting paint night? Well friends, that is something you must see. All these doings and happenings, you simply have to see to believe it!

Mom and I have been busy practicing and although I am learning things and becoming more and more excellent in my walks and trots, there is simply no camera crew around when I want them to be sometimes. Mom has a pretty tight schedule so I do promise that we’ll try to get more pictures of our works so you can see just how excellent I am! I am only 2 but Mom is just so proud of how much we have accomplished together in such a short time. Now to get the camera crew in alignment with Mom’s schedule that might take more time than it does for me to learn cantering but we’ll be working on that!

And it’s a good thing too, because lately I have been tasked with toting a Jolly Man in a red suit decked out in white fur. I heard that Rudolph the red nose reindeer takes afternoon naps so he can be ready to deliver the toys to all the kids here in Mount Joy and beyond, so I have a big job and Mom trained me just in the ‘nick’ of time…


And just so you all know… On December 16th, Santa Claus will be here with our dear pony Peaches for pictures with all the kids!! Peach actually used to live in the North Pole, but Dad needs her here so Santa lets stay with us as long as he can visit this time of year. So we’re ok with that. Peaches is too. She is best friends with Dixie so it all works out well. So make sure you all come to see Santa. He should be here about 12 noon!!

Then when I am not star gazing at the ponies and little people, it seems that Meatball, It’s Smarty Time and Molly the Jolly Unicorn are helping to host our friends and talented local artist Tessa with Paint with the Ponies Night! What a splendid opportunity and boy did everyone have a great time. You should have seen the masterpieces rolling out of here that night!


If you missed this last one, Tessa will be having another Paint with the Ponies evening all planned for Dec. 8th at 6:30! Kids will also love to come to our Youth Paint Night with the Holiday Grinch Workshop! That is taking place on Saturday, Dec. 9th at 6pm.

So many opportunities to have fun during the holidays! I am just amazed! So kids make sure you’re very very good because Mom tells me ALL THE TIME that Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice and that goes double for horses! So I make sure I am very very good because I want to make sure I am on the good pony list! Meatball knows that list is serious business too and Meatball is always on his very best behavior!!


I also wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for all the love and support you give to me and my whole barn family! Mom, Dad, Robin, Kristy and all our barn helpers, students and friends make this all possible. This Thanksgiving and every day too, we do feel blessed to be able to have this wonderful community to share our time with. It’s so much fun and we do love what we do and when we can see that it opens doors for others in the process, that makes all the difference!

Every day is a treat.


Be good Little People and Ponies too!!

Love to all!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores and Susan





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