Hey Friends!

Whoa! Rainy days and Sundays. That’s what is on my mind. We were all so excited about It’s Smarty Time’s debut at Red Bell Farms, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Rain, Rain and Rain! I spent a lot of time at this window watching the rain drops fall.

Still Mom and Dad forever optimistic decided to forge ahead with It’s Smarty Time and see if it might be possible to still have his jumping debut. So they got ready for the journey and were all smiles to start the day! I always love to see a smile on Mom’s face. This just makes my day!

23737826_10211394954810453_4444287173804478457_o (1)

It’s Smarty Time has a real soft tender heart for Mom too, well we all do. She’s our Mom, our teacher and our very best friend!

The rain persisted and Dad and Mom checked out the course after they arrived and decided to scratch It’s Smarty Time from the jumper classes. Always better to be safe and cautious with horses and riders!  Dad is always a good problem solver and knows how to think outside the stall really good, and I mean really good. Dad felt it was important to salvage the day and since they were pretty close to Windurra Farm they decided to pay a visit and see if Boyd Martin would mind a schooling session for It’s Smarty Time. Boyd Martin is a world class champion eventer and an Olympian. He is one of the greatest riders too. Mom and Dad have high regard for Boyd too which is really cool.

So It’s Smarty Time did some schooling and received some very high compliments from Boyd Martin. Whoa but Smarty was really really enamored so he did his very best with the liver pools and even rocks too!! Mom and It’s Smarty Time rode to perfection and Mom’s skill is amazing. She makes it look so effortless even when she has her special saddle cover on. If you look in the picture really close you will see the little green cover on. Mom has that on to protect her County Saddlery saddle from the weather. It’s no small feat to be able to ride expertly with a saddle cover on but that’s Mom, she makes the next to impossible – actually possible! Between Dad thinking outside the barns and stalls and Mom making the challenges work for her – well that just makes me proud.

Mom and It’s Smarty Time were very proud and happy to receive high marks from Boyd Martin. Boyd told Mom and Dad that It’s Smarty Time has GREAT SCOPE! Wow! Great Scope! It’s Smarty Time was beaming from ear to hoof!

23561777_10211396129639823_1620743423245945840_n (1)

So this rainy day was a super special day. It was a GREAT DAY!

Then on Sunday we had plenty of lessons and things to do on the farm so the camera crew was out taking a few pictures of my barn pals….


Molly our resident Unicorn was smiling like a pretty princess. She had heard some of the little people she knows went to a Princess Party and she thought that was really nice.


My friend Meatball was learning new things today too. He was loping over cavaletti poles like it was easy peasy. He made it look so graceful too.


His Mom Zena who is our dear friend too,  gave him a special treat at the end of their ride. It was really windy and he did not even try to eat the leaves. He is very well trained! Junior loves leaves and tried his very best to eat them but Dad said no. Sometimes you have to put the hoof down! No leaves!


My sweet pony friend Jazzy was giving lessons with Dad today too! She is just so calm and is such a good lesson pony. We all adore her so here in the barn. She is very special!


Junior tells us that we will get our day on the jump course. Be patient and your day will come. Keep working and practicing and keep your eye on the goal!! These things take time, effort and lots of work he said. You have to put the time in. Junior knows what he’s talking about too and we all listen to Junior  – well except when he’s trying to eat leaves.


Junior I am keeping my eye on the goal!!

Luv ya!!

Koenraad! ♥

Photo Credits: Dr. Jeff Walder, Robin Walder and Susan



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