Hi Friends!

Hey, it’s that time again! It’s Smarty Time is heading into another first for him and Mom at a jumper competition at Red Bell Farms! He will be competing in three classes so we are all excited to support them in his next steps in his new career.


I am just so proud of my pal Smarty, whoa but he is out to impress and with Mom at the helm, they set their sights high to do just that!

Mom has been so busy loving what she does and that is HORSES, HORSES AND ME!! Mom helps us all achieve our best whatever and wherever that road may be.

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For It’s Smarty Time, his road to a jumping career has been getting off the ground – literally right here on the farm. Mom has been working hard to give him all the practice time possible to prepare for his very first jumping course in a jumper division. He did so well at his very first horse show by winning ribbons in the Hunter divisions, now we are going to take a detour into the jumping arena.


I of course have been diligently searching out ALL the good luck clovers to be found in my paddock..

And it’s been a full time job too..


I keep my eyes closed real tight and dream about them and I do find them! Hey we all do even ask Peaches! She really munches on them!



Junior and I have been so happy to see all the great things going on in the barn. We’ve had many visitors here for pictures with the ponies, Dad has been busy with lessons and training and Robin has been party planning and keeping everything running smoothly. Everyone has their part and we all work as a team – loving what we do!

Mom always makes special time for our resident Unicorn too. Her name is Molly the Unicorn and she has special chats with Mom. We are always so curious about what they’re talking about but it’s just one of those barn mysteries I guess…


Our barn family also gets out in the world to enjoy things called Paper Chases too! They were out in Elverson in Chester County chasing the papers and they had a lot of fun. I am not sure what Chasing the Papers is all about, but maybe I’ll do that too —- someday!


Then our beautiful mares like to get out and have pasture time in unison. It makes for a very pretty picture. I do wonder if they notice me because I sure notice them! 🙂


When I am in my pasture I really enjoy what I am doing. I enjoy working with Mom in the arena and I really just enjoy and love what I am doing! I think it is so important to enjoy and love what you’re doing. Every day it is a great day to learn and enjoy your life. I try hard to learn all that I can and with Mom as my patient and diligent teacher I know that I will be a confident and accomplished horse. We are doing so well under saddle at the basic gaits and I am jumping too. I am still so young and much to learn but I know someday soon, I will be just like Junior and winning ribbons and becoming the very best I can be!

It’s Smarty Time loves to goof around with us and shows us that loving just being funny and a little silly is also loving what you’re doing! Yup and he’s all that too!


He also looked so regal with Mom at the Paper Chasing event. Handsome he is!


It’s pretty nice to see my beautiful Mom with a smile on her face enjoying her day with horses. That’s what it’s all about right Mom!!

Ah the good luck clovers – even Junior looks for them too.


Junior knows that It’s Smarty Time will be heading to Red Bell Farms to his very first jumper show. He knows what it takes to be calm, confident and collected to get the job done. He knows that it takes practice and work, but it can be done.


Talent and a bit of good luck! AND MOM! Having Mom with him will make all the difference. She will know just how to handle the course and they’ll both look magnificent! Keep at it Smarty! You’re going places and even our Kristy and Porter told him that on the trail last week!!


And speaking of barn mysteries…. My little people friends did not really offer much about the little people that Smarty saw at the horse show a few weeks back. They said they were a bit puzzled and Peaches said so too. Some things are just mysterious and secretive and I believe them!


So even if I may not know all the answers, I do know this. It is important to love what you’re doing and if you do, everything falls right into place. Sometimes it takes, work and sometimes it’s easy but if you love what you’re doing happiness is sure to follow! Just ask It’s Smarty Time and his best friend forever, Bonita!


Please join me in looking for the Good Luck Clovers! It’s a journey worth following.  I have to tell you this, it takes time and patience but the effort is well worth it!


Love ya!

Koenraad ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Kristy Pollock and Susan




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