Hey Friends!

Whoa! I have been thinking about what it means to have heart and after yesterday, I think I understand it more than I ever did before! It’s Smarty Time and Mom showed us the meaning of having heart and boy what a wonderful gift it is!

As I shared in my previous hoof notes, we were all so excited because we were looking forward to seeing It’s Smarty Time compete for the very first time ever in a local horse show held at beautiful Bridge Acres Stable. After an early start and A LOT of waiting… he did get his chance to show Dad how much he’s been learning in his practice sessions here at Walder’s Way.  It really was a wait too, Mom told us that they were there for hours so our Smarty hung out on the trailer enjoying his hay munching while a little Jack Russell sang him some songs! Not too bad but still, the dog sang off key at times so that was a bit much…


I have had a great view of his works by the fence line and from my young estimation things were looking pretty good. And of course Dad proudly exclaiming after each practice jump we kind of had an idea things could go well… And so they did!

It’s been nothing short of phenomenal to see too. Mom knows how to bring out the best in us, she really does. And as for me she REALLY knows how to keep the naughties at bay! Don’t worry Teddy ‘aint’ coming outta that closet!! Anyway…. if anyone can get us motivated to do our very best, it’s Mom and Dad for sure hands and hooves down!

The other thing was Smarty had to go by himself after all! Seems our buddies Sol and Triton decided to sleep in! Those 6 am wake up calls did not set well with them, but Smarty was ready and willing to go so Mom loaded him on the trailer and off they went.

Eventually they were able to do some schooling and boy did they look magnificent! Mom has the braids in just right, his coat was brilliant he he was ready!! Dad did tell us that he was not too fond of the roll top jump but he got over it!


Dad was always coaching every chance he had and it  helps a lot having your coach to keep you focused!


If you want to see a little video of some of his schooling the camera crew gave me a link:

It’s Smarty Time Schooling at Bridge Acres Stable



They did a bit more schooling and that went very well. Gee I am just so impressed!! He’s only been at it for 2 short weeks and now he’s looking so English, so gallant and soooooooooooooo handsome!


Dad said he did three perfect rounds in his Schooling Hunter classes and did everything right in the flat class. One thing for sure, Junior told him… make sure you get those leads right!! And he did!! Carmen told him about hearts and Sol told him don’t worry, just do your thing and everything will fall right into place….

I told him just do your best and enjoy what you’re doing. I am sure he did just that.


It’s Smarty Time did not disappoint. His courage and determination were perfectly balanced and he was beautiful. Mom said he was great and they did not drop even 1 pole!! Pretty amazing for being so new. Kept his leads correct, sailed over each jump without flaw and dazzled us all!

Here are links to one of his rounds and then his flat class:

It’s Smarty Time’s first round at Bridge Acres Stable

It’s Smarty Time’s flat class at Bridge Acres Stable

He definitely has heart, just as Carmen said!! He’s got class and he’s working hard and giving it his all!


We’re just so proud and to see him with Mom and his ribbons really makes my heart swell!


There was only one mystery to the day that Smarty shared and it has me completely mystified!!!  He said that there were many little people on the farm but they never moved!


We’re going to have to wonder about that. We’re hoping our little people friends here in Mount Joy can help us understand!

Congratulations Mom and It’s Smarty Time! You both made our day shine and the moonbeams glow at night and we are SOOO PROUD!! You HAVE HEART!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥

Photo credits: Tess Flores and Susan




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