Hey friends!

It’s Good Luck Clover time here in the barn once again!! Some of our horses and students are heading to Bridge Acres for a local horse show in Lancaster County! We’re so excited and we think of the Good Luck Clovers most especially when it’s horse show time!!

One day soon I’ll be in the ring too, but at this time I am cheering for my brothers and sisters from my barn.


My time will come but it is also so much fun to watch everyone practice hard and get their grooming and polishing done for the big day!

It’s Smarty Time is going to make his debut tomorrow at Bridge Acres in the Schooling Hunter class in Lancaster, PA. Smarty has been learning things quickly and Mom and Dad both are very impressed. He has only been at it for a couple of weeks but just in that short time he’s showing Mom he knows his leads, knows how to change them and canters around the jumps too. We watch from the fence line wondering HOW DOES HE DO THAT ALREADY!! It’s quite an amazing thing to see. He’s has the best team ever assembled to help him realize his potential too. We are a top notch team and we are all working and cheering for It’s Smarty Time! I think all those pep talks from Dad are working wonders too!

It’s Smarty Time’s father, the famous racehorse champion Smarty Jones has made his mark in the horse racing world as a spectacular performer. He captivated the hearts of thousands during his bid for the Triple Crown in 2004. His only defeat being the Belmont Stakes but that never diminished the love that people here and abroad had for the little engine that could and boy did that engine roar! It’s Smarty Time has the same heart. Mom says he’s fearless and has a steady pace. Yes he does and he is the son of another fearless horse too which bodes well for him. ♥

Enjoy and embrace your most grand debut! We are so proud of you!



It’s Smarty Time will be joined by El Sur and we call him Sol. He’s no stranger to the show ring and knows the pride in winning ribbons with Sabrina and BLUE ribbons at that! Underneath your calm demeanor and gentle confidence lies the heart of a champion in all the ways that count! Our gorgeous grey! We love you!


It’s always good to hang out with the seasoned pros to learn the ropes. We been giving the run down to It’s Smarty Time when he’s not out working the jump course with Mom. Don’t worry we’ve gotcha covered Smarty! Sol will be right there with you!

We also have the camera crew out there to get the pictures and video for you and I’ll be sharing those after the show and if possible some during the show too.

Walder’s Way Equestrian Center may also be represented by some of our wonderful students and their horses that board here too. So be on the look out for Leslie and Jessica and our friend Kelly will be there for support too!! Kelly and her daughter Meg are so important to us as well. They help Dr. Jeff with the barn work, taking care of the horses and will be helping to trailer the horses competing in tomorrow show too. They are just the best and we appreciate all that they do.

Hard work – yes, practice practice practice – yes, learning – yes, having fun – DOUBLE YES!

Friends at the end of the day what matters most is that you had fun along the journey to your dreams. It’s really important to enjoy and have fun and when you do everything falls together. The destination is important, but enjoying the journey is what makes that destination extra special.

I wish all my brothers and sisters the best of luck tomorrow and every day. Enjoy the day and enjoy the journey. When you get back to the barn the Good Luck Clovers will be waiting for you and probably a few little people too!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥


Photo credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Beth Hovenstine and Susan






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